how to delete system data lg stylo?

How To Delete System Storage In Any Android Phone

how to delete system data lg stylo?

To download more apps and media, or help your phone run better, you can clear space on your phone. Storage is where you keep data, like music and photos.lg stylo 4 storage space running outlg stylo 6 clear cache partitionhow to clear cache on lg stylo 4lg stylo 5 clear cachehow to clear cache on lg phonelg stylo 5 storage space running outPeople also search for

LG Stylo 5, 16GB of 32GB used for system

We understand the importance of having a phone that has enough memory to use. I would feel the same way as a customer if my storage was always low. With regard to your concerns theres no way to limit the system storage used on this device. In order for it to operate it needs those applications to run. I would suggest getting a SD card to add additional storage to your device. Here is a link which shows you where the SD card is located and how to remove and replace it Please let us know if this helps. JasperM_VZW

@Burn66 Thats not correct. Android Marshmallow was 3.46 gigs. If you take pixel phone for example, with 32GB ROM storage, Nougat OS takes up 5.39GB and Google apps use another 1.39GB. Total before other paid apps is almost 7 gigs. Oreo and pie are just under 7 gigs just for the OS. The rest of the partition is required ROM for making any updates to software. The “bloat” in very minimal and much of it can be uninstalled in current phones. Each new android version seems to require more storage, which is why the base models now include more and more storage. I do fine with 64 gigs internal, but 128 is minimum for many users. Many lower cost phones skimp on storage. Plan accordingly

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