How to Delete Books from Kindle App or Device

In the Library view in the Kindle app, tap on “Device” at the bottom of the screen. Then, tap and hold on the book you want to delete. Tap “Remove from Device” (if book was purchased through Amazon) or “Remove Permanently” (if you added it from another source.

3 ways to delete e-books from Kindle

Remove books and samples from Kindle app, device, and Cloud

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How do you delete books from Kindle? If you really never want to see that book again, you can permanently delete it from your Kindle Library. There are a lot of different ways to remove Kindle books from your Kindle app or device and a few different places from which you might want to remove or delete them. Well cover them all below.

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Regardless of what model of Kindle you have, deleting books is very similar. However, if you want to permanently delete books from your Amazon Kindle Library, skip to deleting books from Kindle Cloud. The method detailed below will remove the book from your Kindle device while allowing you to keep the book you purchased in your Kindle Cloud and as a part of your Amazon Kindle account.

How to Delete Books from a Kindle or Kindle Keyboard:

  • This model has the five-way directional controller. We’ll use that button in the next steps to delete the book.
  • Find the book you want to delete.
  • Select the book’s name from the Home screen or your Kindle Library, then press the Left toggle on the 5-way controller.
  • Choose Remove from Device. Press the center of the 5-way controller.
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