how to delete badoo account with facebook?

Look for the Delete profile link on the left sidebar. When you click it, Badoo will instead ask you to hide your profile. Ignore that, and click on Continue deleting profile.

[GUIDE] How to Delete Badoo Account Very Easily & Quickly

How to Delete Badoo Account on Android

You need to follow the simple steps below to permanently delete Badoo Account. Before proceeding, remember to cancel Badoo Subscription within the app.

2. Sign in to your account using an email or phone number.

3. Click on the Profile Icon.

4. Navigate to the Settings option.

5. Tap on the Account option.

6. Now click on Delete Account at the bottom of the screen.

7. Select Delete your account and click on the Continue button.

8. They will offer you a free subscription. You have to reject it and Tap on the No, delete my account.

9. Choose any reason to delete the account.

10. Then, Click on Delete Account.

Your Badoo account has been permanently deleted and no one can find you within the app. If they offer you Premium Subscription for free, now it’s up to you either you accept their offer or not.

How to Delete Badoo Account With Facebook

If you want to delete Badoo Account with Facebook then the following steps assist you to do it. You can follow the steps below if you created a Badoo account using your Facebook profile.

2. Go to the Settings under the Settings and Privacy option.

3. Click on the Apps and Websites under the Security option.

4. Find and Open Badoo from the list of apps.

5. Now, you will see a Remove option. Click on that.

7. In the pop-up tab, click on Remove.

Your Badoo Account with Facebook is successfully deleted. Now you can delete your Badoo Account from the app as well. If you want to use the Badoo app again, you need to create a new account.

Delete Badoo Account Link

Many dating apps provide a link where users can enter their phone number or email associated with the account and their account deletes quickly. Badoo does not allow users to delete the account using this way so every user has to delete their account on Badoo manually.

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