How to delete a picture in badoo chat? :: Ask Me Fast

Locate the photo or video you wish to remove, mouse over it and select “X” in its upper-right corner. By default, Badoo attempts to move the photo or video to the Private Photos album. Uncheck the “Copy to my Private photos” box to display the Delete button. Select “Delete” to remove the picture or video.

How to delete shared content on messenger? PART 1

How do you delete messages on Badoo app?

There are a few different ways to do this. You can go into the Settings app and then into Messages, then tap on the individual conversations that you want to delete. You can also go into your inbox and swipe left on each message until they all disappear. Finally, there is a way to delete all messages at once by going into your settings and choosing Reset All Settings.

To delete all text messages on Android, go to Settings > Data Usage > Mobile Data. Then, click on “All Apps” and scroll down until you find the “Messages” app. Click on it, then click on “Clear Data.” You may also want to clear out your cache by going to Settings > Storage & USB > Cached data > Clear cache.

Yes, you can delete text messages on both sides. You can delete text messages on both sides by following these steps: Open the messaging application on your phone. Select the conversation with the person you want to delete texts from. Tap and hold on the message that you want to delete until you see an “X” appear in the upper left hand corner of the message bubble. Tap on “Delete Message.

There are two ways to delete messages from Messenger. First, you can delete a message from the chat by tapping on the message and then tapping “Delete”. Second, you can delete all messages in a chat by going to the top right of the screen, selecting “More”, and then choosing “Delete Messages”.

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