How To Change Your Age On Bumble? Step By Step [2022]

Click on the pencil icon on the right-hand side to edit your age. You can only change the year you were born two times on Facebook. Make sure that you are adding your correct birth year to make sure your profile is accurate.

How To Change Your Age on Bumble!

How To Change Your Age On Bumble? Step By Step [2022]

It is a debated topic whether it is a good idea and ethical to fake your age on Bumble or on any other dating apps. As most of the dating apps and sites have some kind of age filter, Bumble has it as well, if you are old you most likely have a smaller chance of getting matches as fewer people will see your profile.

On Bumble you don’t have the opportunity to hide your age. If you are really insecure about your age and (some people are really judgemental about it so we get it) your only option is to fake it and display an age on your profile that is more acceptable for you. (See above how you can do that.)

You have to contact Bumble Support team directly by sending them an email or contacting them via this contact form. In the first step, select “Report a technical issue” and in the next section where you can add context to your issue, explain your situation that your age is wrong on Bumble and ask them to change it.

Keep in mind your age change request has to be approved by Facebook first which usually takes around a day. Once they approved your age change, it might take a couple of minutes, in some cases days from Bumble’s part to synchronize your Facebook info. (maybe you have to log out and log back to the Bumble app see the updated age).

You might think that it is not a huge issue as most people can probably see your real age by checking your profile pictures but there is a bigger problem. Most people use an age filter to see only their preferred age group and you will most likely be filtered out if you are more than a couple of years older than your real age.

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