How to Change Tinder Location With VPN – Wired Titan

Head over to Settings > Advanced and enable Override GPS location. From here, Enable developer options, and Enable mock locations. Go to Locations and pick a location. Sign in to your Tinder account – this should automatically connect to your new VPN location.

How to change location on Tinder | Best VPN for Tinder to find your match!

How to Change Tinder Location With VPN – Wired Titan

When you subscribe to Tinder Gold, you are paying only for privileges within the Tinder app. On the other hand, when you pay for a VPN provider, you can access benefits like using the service on multiple devices, accessing content online that is restricted by location, and protecting your browsing history from being tracked.

You can stand out by giving compliments but without being too direct. A great way to do this is with the language teaching as mentioned earlier in this article. When you ask them to teach you a few phrases, instead of asking them to tell you how to say “thank you” or “hello” in their native language, be more precise.

If you provide access on your iPhone, you will be prompted to confirm your choice via touch ID or the phone’s face ID feature. On the other hand, Android installers will mostly need to just hit ‘Okay’ upon receiving the prompt. Some newer phones like Huawei’s latest models may require that you enter your password to confirm the choice.

To fix this, you will need to switch to a superior VPN and give it VPN configuration access upon installation, as is listed in the installation guide above. If the problem occurs with a premium VPN like ExpressVPN, you can drop an email to the provider’s 24/7 Customer Service desk, and you will be walked through a solution.

If your Facebook profile states that you live in California, but you are traveling to Turkey, it will provide you with matches in Turkey. Because the app is oriented towards real-time location tracking, it relies on your phone’s location to set your Tinder location. This is the loophole you can use to change your location without Tinder Premium.

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