How to Cancel Audible – or How to Threaten It to Get Free Credits

How to Cancel Audible Subscription

1. In an Internet browser, sign into your Audible account and access your account settings.

Visit and make sure to sign into your account (if you haven’t already). Hover your mouse over Hi, [Your Name]! so the drop-down menu appears, and click Account Details.

You will be asked to sign into your account again at this point, if you haven’t already. On this page, click Cancel Membership.

Choose from the options why you are leaving Audible. You must indicate a reason for their records before they will let you continue with cancelling your account.

4. Evaluate Audible’s free promotional offers to decide if you want to stay.

Audible will now present you with promotional offers to deter you from terminating your subscription. The exact offer may depend on your region, and how long you’ve had your Audible account. Typically, it is a reduced rate for membership, or free credits for your account. Decide if you are interested in the offer or not. If you are, click Switch Membership, Keep Listening for Less, or something similar.

If you want to continue with cancelling your account, click the Cancel Membership button at the bottom of the page. Make sure you ignore the same size, color, and shaped button accepting the promotional offer.

If it’s not the cost that has you cancelling Audible, you might want to explore some Audible alternatives that can offer you a different selection, or a cheaper cost for your audiobooks. If you’re unsure about cancelling, check out these things you can do to get some free audiobooks from Audible, or save some money on your monthly subscription.

4 (clever) things you can do to get free stuff – instead of cancelling Audible

These are all safe, easy, and most importantly, legitimate ways to get free audiobooks from Audible, so take advantage of these instead of falling victim to the audiobook scams being run lately through eBay.

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