How to Cancel a Subscription or Delete an Account

Not having much luck finding anyone you like with Want to try a different online dating service, like or another online dating website like Match? Or just want to cancel your paid subscription and give the online dating scene a break for a while? If you’ve decided that you don’t want your Match subscription or account anymore, we can help you.

How to Set Up a Account

I have a current subscription. How can I unsubscribe and delete my profile? – Match UK FAQ

If you purchased your subscription through iTunes, go to “Settings” on your iPhone. From here tap on your Apple ID (usually your name) and then “Subscriptions”. Tap on “ for iPhone” and then tap “Cancel Subscription”. If you don’t see this you may have subscribed via the site. Please log into the site with a computer and follow the instructions below.

1. Will cancelling my subscription delete my account as well?

Cancelling your membership while you still have a subscription active will only cancel the subscription – if you want to cancel your account, too, you will have to go through this process again.

Before you delete your account, we would recommend manually deleting your profile photos and any personal information you included manually. It can take some time for this information to disappear from Match after you delete your account, so if you don’t want people seeing you on Match anymore, or finding you through information you included on your profile, make sure you delete this before deleting your account.

3. How quickly does my information disappear from Match once I delete my account?

Cancelling your membership won’t immediately delete your profile and photos – they will stay on the service for a year, in case you have a change of heart (no pun intended) and want to sign up again. However, they will automatically be hidden from all other users.

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