How to beat Bumble’s algorithm : Bumble

Proven Trick To Get You More Matches on Bumble and Tinder (Algorithm that works for anyone)

How to beat Bumble’s algorithm : Bumble

When you apply a lot of filters that means youre narrowing the amount of profiles that you will see down to only the ones that you will most likely swipe right on. You will lose a lot of games and your score will drop. Youll drop to the bottom of everyones decks very fast.

Subsequently, that means many more games that you will win, thereby increasing your score. Thereby, moving yourself higher in the deck and increasing your chance to be seen by others. The more selective you are the better your score will be because thats how actual good-looking/successful people in real life behave. Hence, the more people that you can say NO to means that there will be more people that you can still say YES to, while still increasing your score. The best of both worlds.

If you dont want to do a lot of swiping, then pay for Bumble Spotlight. Thats the other way to beat the algorithm. It puts you at the top of the deck. But, in either case, more matches isnt automatic. But, because youll get more exposure, then youre more likely to get more matches than being hidden somewhere in Bumbles attic for no one to see.

The most appealing profiles go to the top of the deck and shown to everybody because it keeps users using the app. The more you use the app the more user engagement they have. That is their goal. Contrary to what you might think, their goal IS NOT to get you off the app. That wouldnt align with their business interests.

So, in order to figure out who the best profiles are to show to everybody else they use the ELO scoring system to sort everybody out into different categories of appeal. This also reflects how it works in real life. The more good-looking/successful-career/appealing-personality people are more selective in real life because they can be.

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