How to Ask a Guy Out? Plus 10 Tips to Avoid Rejection

5 Ways to Ask Someone Out

10 Ways to Get Him go out With You ( Both Direct & Indirect )

You can Either Be direct with Your Approach or Indirect, Choice is all Yours. Both of the Ways work and Depending upon the Guys some ways will Be Work Better than the Others

This is an indirect way of asking him out. Asking Him out For a coffee is the Most Minimilastic thing when it comes to Rejection

If He’s into You then He will Probably Say Yes and Will Try his Best to Impress you But if He is Not Into You then There is No way He can make a Big Deal out of it

You Can Always Be Like: Jeez. It’s Just Coffee or You can Ask Couple of People out For a Coffee and ask Him to Be Part of the Get-Together

If You don’t Want to Make a Big Deal out Before Knowing Him Properly then it’s Best You Invite Him For a Group Date or Get-Together

You Don’t Even Have to Invite Him, ask Your Friend or Him Friend To ensure that He is Present in Your Get-Together

This Way you will Know about Him Without Being out of the Line. Moreover, It is a Good way For You to Impress Him with Your Flirting Skills and Talent

But Make Sure that You Avoid Going Overboard. Most Girls Go overboard when it comes to Flirting with Everything They Got

Flirting is a Gentle Process. If You Like Someone Truly, Directly or Indirectly You Will Make Him Know about It. Even If You Try or Not

Just keep calm. Men are Very Intelligent and Sensitive when it comes to Flirting. To a Point that Most of them Will Fall For You, With Just a Right Look or Smile

You Don’t Want to Invite Him For a Group Date But You Still Want to Ask Him Out. Then The Best Way to Do that is to Hang out in the Same Place

You Should Spend Some time in Researching about Him If You Truly want to Approach Him and Then Be Present in His Second Most Favourite Place

Go up to Him or Ask Your Friend to Go up to Him and tell Him about You. It can Be Simple as “My Friend over there want to invite you to our table for a Drink. Coming?”

4. Ask His Best Friend to Introduce Him to You

how to ask a guy out without getting rejected 2

This is one f the Indirect way to ask a guy out. In this scenario, You Kinda Know His Best Friend. You Can ask His Best Friend to Introduce Him to You

Moreover, You can also ask Him Best Friend Whether He Likes You our Not

This is one of the Most Efficient ways as Since Most of the Time His Best Friend Will Let You Know Whether He Likes You or Not

5. Make Him ask You out. Play the “Do you have a Girlfriend?” Game

This is Kinda Difficult For those Who are New at Dating But Since Seduction is a Weapon Perfected By Women’s Trying this out will Let You Test the Depth of the Ocean

After You Have Successfully approached Him. You can ask Him about His Girlfriend and If He has None and He Likes You. Then there is 100% Chance that He Will Ask You out

You Just Have to Be Clear about the Fact that He Is Single and He Knows That You are also Single

If He Likes you then He Will ask you out

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