how to ask a girl for a picture over text?

For an introductory pic, you could text, “How do you feel about sending selfies? I want to see your face, and I’m happy to send you pictures of me too.” When getting consent for more intimate pics, you could say, “Hey, I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately.


how to ask a girl for a picture over text?

If this is your first time asking for pics, you could text her, “Getting to know you has been so great, but I’d love to put a face to this conversation! Would you mind sending a photo or two?” If you haven’t seen your girl in a while, you could write, “I miss seeing your beautiful face so much.

Top 10 Reasons Why Some Women Like To Send Their Intimate Photos

  • It makes her feel powerful and desirable
  • She enjoys the compliments and attention she gets
  • She does it to attract a guy
  • She likes to arouse a guy
  • She wants a guy to send his own hot photo to her
  • She is bored and wants some fun
  • She wants to feel more desirable
  • She wants to spice things up
  • She wants to surprise him
  • She is comfortable with her body
  • Now let’s take a look at why some girls are unwilling to send dirty photos of themselves to a guy.

    The number one reason why many women are afraid of sending intimate photos is the fear that their pictures will end up on the internet or you will share them with someone else.

    Even if you are not the type of guy that shares private photos of girls with your friends, there is still a chance that her photos might become public. Your phone might get hacked, stolen, or you by mistake may upload photos.

    If you are dating a girl who is shy and never had a boyfriend, it is unlikely that she will be willing to send you her intimate photos.

    However, it doesn’t mean that your shy girlfriend will not change her mind later when she gets more comfortable with you.

    There are also girls that are very shy of their bodies and will only send you photos after they are sure that you will not judge them.

    On the other hand, a girl who is willing to share her intimate photos with you right after you meet her likely had several partners and is very confident with her body.

    How to Get a Girl to Send You Pictures of Herself?

    The girl needs to feel comfortable around you before she will send you any of her pictures.

    Persuading your girlfriend to send you photos will be much easier than a girl you just met online.

    When a girl sends you her frisky photos, it usually means that she wants to sleep with you. In most cases, girls send their intimate photos only after they slept with a guy.

    If you just met and your chemistry is not strong enough it is probably not a good time to ask for her pictures.

    If you want a girl to send you a more risque picture like for example her in a bra, you first need to make her comfortable sending regular photos.

    Never directly ask her for dirty photos because this will be a turn-off for most girls.

    Instead, say something like:

    After she sends you a photo of herself make sure to compliment her.

  • “Your body is so perfect”
  • “You are so in shape”
  • “You are so pretty”
  • This will make her feel more comfortable and she will be less shy to send more intimate photos later.

    One way to get a girl to send you her hot photos is to play a game and ask for a photo if she losses.

    Here are some ideas of the games you can play:

  • Truth or Dare “Did you ever send a dirty photo to anyone before?” or “Send me a photo of your bra”
  • Would you rather? “Would you rather send an intimate photo of yourself to a guy you just met online or your neighbor?”
  • Never have I ever “Never have I ever took a dirty photo of myself”
  • It is much easier to get a girl to send you her photos if she feels turned on. One way to do this is to talk dirty to her.

    10 Examples of How to Talk Dirty to a Girl

  • You looked so tasty last night
  • What are you wearing right now?
  • What color is your bra?
  • Your lips taste so good
  • I miss touching you all over your body
  • I wish you were lying here next to me
  • The things I want to do to you right now…
  • I had a juicy dream about you last night
  • I heard you’ve been a bad girl who needs some spanking
  • Just thinking about you makes me so …
  • Example of how to turn a girl on over text

    how to ask a girl for a picture over text

    You: I had a juicy dream about you last night

    Girl: What was it about? lol

    You: I was taking a shower and then suddenly you came in

    Girl: Sounds interesting

    You: After that, you took all your clothes off and then we started making out

    Girl: I don’t know why but this starts to turn me on…

    You: Well, making out wasn’t the only thing that we did…

    It is not a good idea to ask a girl who is currently at work to send you her dirty photos. Instead, wait for the time when she is alone and preferably not wearing much clothing.

    For example, if she mentioned that she is lying in a bathtub, on a bed, or trying to find the right dress to wear, that’s the time to ask her for a picture.

    She is already basically naked so it will be easier for her to say yes and send you something more risque.

    Usually texting her late at night when she is lying in bed is the best time to ask her for some hot photos.

    After she sends you a fully clothed photo of herself you can try asking for something riskier.

  • “Can I see it from behind?”
  • “I miss your so much can I see it?”
  • “Can I see the rest of your body?”
  • “Can I see how flexible you are”
  • “Can I see what color is your bra?”
  • “You are so beautiful! Can I see how you look without your shirt?”
  • If she is hesitating, tell her that she doesn’t have to show her face.

    This way she doesn’t have to worry that you might try to blackmail her with the intimate photos she shared with you.

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