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How to meet friends on Bumble BFF + My experience!

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Bumble bff was my last resort to making friends. The idea itself is amazing but it seems like all everyone wants is just a quick small talk, maybe get a follow on insta and then poof ghosted. It’s really heartbreaking when I see girls that I could 100% see myself being friends with but they just ghost out of nowhere.

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I’ve seen people mention Bumble BFF a few times as a way to meet people and have been considering trying it for a while… but I’m really apprehensive – so I’m hoping to hear some first hand accounts of people who’ve used Bumble BFF to make friends (bonus points for people from the UK, especially towns rather than big main cities, as that’s my situation) so that I can make a decision one way or another.

My overall experience on BumbleBFF… : TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I live in a city in the PNW, it’s really hard to make friends here because the groups of friends here are extremely clique-y and it’s hard to break into a group unless you were friends since high school. Our housing prices are ridiculous here so you can form new amazing friendships and then off they move to another place due to the city being so unaffordable

One of girls that I met on Bumble BFF told me that she had met up with another girl and the girl expected her to pay for their meal and pretend that she did not have her wallet – until she asked the girl e-transfer her the funds. I’ve also heard of girls ditching the other girl with a big bill from restaurants.

I’ve met a group of girls that range from 24-30 years old. We try to go for brunch once every couple of weeks. We’ve been out to dinners, the pumpkin patch and to movies. There’s always someone organizing something fun to do in our Bumble BFF group. I’ve even went on a double date with one of the gals and her husband.

My first Bumble BFF meet up was awful. The girl although super nice – clearly had a hidden agenda (trying to use the app to date). We grabbed dinner together and during dinner time – she started to ask me uncomfortable questions about my experiences with other females and was trying to see if I was open to exploring my sexuality, etc.

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