How often does Tinder let you see a secret admirer?

Tinder Secret Admirer (Instant Tinder Match)

What is Tinder Secret Admirer?

Tinder Secret Admirer is a new free feature on Tinder that shows you four cards out of which you can reveal one Tinder profile. All of these four secret Admirers are profiles that have already liked you, so if you like your Secret admirer, you can get an instant Tinder match.

How does Tinder Secret Admirer work?

You can get a Tinder notification if you are eligible for picking a Secret Admirer with the following notification text: “Your secret admirer is not so secret anymore…”

You can also just bump into the Secret Admirer screen when you are swiping profiles in your Discovery.

You can only reveal one profile under one card and you can left or right swipe or even Super Like the profile you have revealed.

When you swipe right or super like the revealed profile, you will get an instant match and can start to have a conversation with your new Tinder match. In your match list, you will see her profile with a Tinder Gold heart displayed next to her name. This indicates that you matched with her thanks to the Secret Admirer feature.

If you want, you can also Skip the Secret Admirer by tapping on the Skip button at the bottom of the screen.

Here is a quick video that also explains the Secret Admirers feature shortly:

How often do you get a Secret Admirer on Tinder?

There is no official information on how often you can get a Secret Admirer Card Deck.

You have to have at least four Tinder profiles that have already liked you, so they can show you the four cards. Based on personal experience, you can see the Secret Admirer card every couple of days or if you are really active on Tinder maybe even once a day.

Yes, Tinder Secret Admirer is a free feature. Actually, we believe that Tinder only shows to free and Tinder Plus users these Tinder Secret Admirer cards as Tinder Gold subscribers see the profiles who liked them anyway thanks to the Likes You feature.

So, if you want to see all of your Secret Admirers, you have to pay for a Tinder Gold subscription (which has a pretty hefty price tag) or you can also use the Tinder Blur hack to see all the people who liked you on Tinder but you haven’t swiped them yet.

Well, we wouldn’t say that Secret Admirer is a scam. It is rather a clever ad for Tinder Gold subscription.

Because if we are honest, this feature is actually just a fun way for Tinder to promote Tinder Gold for you. So it is not a scam as you really can see a profile who liked you for free when you reveal one of the Secret Admirer’s card. However, we also believe that the main idea behind this feature was to advertise their Tinder Gold subscription rather than to improve the user experience of non-Gold users.

Tinder is breaking revenue records almost every financial quarter, and it is mostly because of the premium subscription they sell within the app. They are especially making a ton of money from selling Tinder Gold, so their goal is to sell the Gold package to as many users as they can.

You can read a review here about Tinder Gold, and also this article that explains everything you have to know about Tinder See Who Likes you feature.

As this is a new Tinder feature, there are many issues or bugs that users have experienced since the introduction of the Secret Admirer feature. We are going to briefly mention the most common issues and bugs and where it is possible, give an explanation of what the issue might be.

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