How much whiskey will get me drunk?

The average person gets drunk after four shots. You can consider one shot glass to be between 30 ml and 45 ml in size. The recommended quantity of whiskey per bottle is between 120ml and 180ml.

How Many Shots Of Whiskey Does It Take To Get You Drunk?

How Much Of The Whiskey Bottle Does It Take To Get Drunk?

A regular whiskey bottle generally has 750 ml of whiskey in it. Before we talk about how much ml, we must talk about how much percentage the whiskey is proofed of alcohol by volume levels.

Most of the whiskeys we find around 80 percent proofed are 40 percent ABV whereas we also get 120 proof whiskey having 60 percent ABV. We won’t suggest you drink sixty percent of ABV.

In general, it takes four-shot glasses to get you drunk. Consider one shot glass equals between 30 ml to 45 ml. So around 120 ml to 180 ml of a 750 ml of whiskey bottle will get you drunk.

How Much Whiskey Level Is Safe To Be Drunk For Men And Women?

The safe level of whiskey units varies between men and women. Let us talk about the value of units where one unit equals 25ml. The safe level of alcohol consumption level for men in a week is 21 units than women whose level is 14 units. It is safe to have two alcohol-free days in a week and confine yourself to three units per day.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Whiskeys with 60 percent of ABV get you drunk faster. These whiskeys have cask strength that has high alcohol by volumes. Many other factors influence them like a meal, posture, type, quantity, age, sex, and more.

It is not possible to get drunk by drinking non-alcoholic drinks. Only drinks with an alcohol level will get you drunk. If you are a non-drinker, always read the ingredients on the beverages before you drink because many might look like soft drinks.

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