How many star medals are in this game total?

There are 285 Star Coins in the normal levels and 50 Star Coins in the bonus levels. In any case, you’ll need only 290 Star Coins to unlock every level.

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“Theyre like the items in New Super Mario Bros. called Star Coins. The reason we changed the name is that the Star Medals have the same function as the Stars in 3D Super Mario games up till now. We packed in gameplay that involves going various places around the game field in order to find them, said (Super Mario 3D Land director Koichi) Hayashida. (Nintendo President Satoru) Iwata noted the Medals serve as a common link between Mario 3D Lands new style of play and the 3D games it has moved away from.” – Source: Resetting Super Mario 3D Landadvertisement

Star Medals are collectible items that are absolutely essential in Super Mario 3D Land. Star Medals are necessary to progress further in the game, as they unlock levels that are required to proceed and will also unlock special, extra levels. They bear a resemblance to Star Coins from the New Super Mario Bros. series, and Comet Medals from Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Star Medals are hidden in hard to find or hard to reach places. On occasion, a Toad will drop a Star Medal when you spot him with a pair of Binoculars, which can be found in most levels of Super Mario 3D Land. There are a total of 285 Star Medals from all the regular worlds and special worlds to collect. You can also gain additional Star Medals from clearing the purple Mystery Boxes found in several worlds, or those obtained from a StreetPass friend or stranger. Loading

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