How Does Christian Mingle Work?

When creating your profile, Christian Mingle will ask you to fill out information like your gender, age, location, height, education, lifestyle habits, if you have and/or want kids, and which branch of Christianity you practice. This just takes five minutes or so, and then you’re on your way to finding matches.

Christian Mingle Review – Come check it out!

How Does Christian Mingle Work?

For less aggressive people, the favorite feature lets the other user know that you’re interested in them, often letting them decide to like you back. This often triggers the other user to make the first move. We recommend girls use the heart feature, as you want the guy to show his interest in conversation first.

How Does Christian Mingle Work? What It Is And How To Use It In 2022

Christian Mingle has had its share of success stories so if you’re looking to settle down, this might be the site for you! I suggest you go ahead and sign up for free here to see if it’s for you! What do you have to lose?

As I mentioned earlier, if you’re lucky enough to catch the attention of a premium user and the message, you can respond to their messages. Although this isn’t really practical, you can’t just wait around for the perfect match to just message you. What if your perfect match is a bit shy?

Top 165 Christian Mingle Reviews

Every single person matched were scammers. They were patterns of responses. Initial bios sounded good then long identical scripted follow ups with different names inserted. Also from other countries, widowed and no family. Always first time on the site. Hurry up and give your cell number or email. Then their bios vanish if they get it. I guess what bites me the most is they target faith women who are caregivers and misuse Gods word. And in one week I’ve had most of it unable to access my account. It kicks me back to the site wanting me to register as a new user. Beware.

My Experience with Christian Mingle is horrible. Paying Customers are assured that they can initiate conversations with anyone on their site. As soon as a Paying Customer initiates a Conversation with a non-paying User, Christian Mingle Customer Care goes ahead and disables the visitors account so that communication can no longer continue. They use the pretense of “Suspicious Activities” all because a paying customer decided to speak with a new Visitor that is still assessing if they want to add more options to their membership. Once your account is disabled, Christian Mingle proceeds to send emails stating your account was involved in fraudulent Activities, that items were purchased under your name, and that moneys have been refunded”. Then they proceed to ask you more information that what is required to join the site such as Full Name, Address, DOB, and a Foto ID under the pretense of fraudulent activities.

Christian Mingle is a dating website designed specifically for Christians looking for love. Christian Mingle has more than 15 million members and is one of the largest and most trusted Christian-specific dating websites. Similar to other dating sites, Christian Mingle helps match like-minded singles in the hopes of creating lifelong relationships. With an easy-to-use site and a large dating pool, finding love can be easier with Christian Mingle.

I was very unsure about going on a dating app but I was very happy with Christian Mingle. This site was very easy to sign up with and almost immediately I got matches in my area. I have met with a couple of my matches and they were very enjoyable meetings. I will keep trying this app.

I went to this site because finding a relationship with a fellow Christian is primary to me. Roughly 90% of those contacting me were from 500+ miles away – HUGE red flag. Most people want to find someone near them, so I dont believe these were legitimate profiles. What a waste of money!

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