How do you get messages back on tinder after deleting them? [SOLVED]

Thankfully, there is a way to access the lost data. Tinder users who want to continue talking to their previous matches should access the dating app via their website. Users can visit, where their previous matches and chat history can still be found. It’s unclear when the data will return to the mobile app.

How to get your lost Tinder matches and texts BACK after Facebook bug TINDER users have

Tinder messages disappeared? Get them back without compromising your privacy

The most fascinating aspect of Tinder’s approach is that it crunches billions of entries per day and applies machine learning to understand online dating behaviour and optimise matching algorithms. 151 thousand s and 1.6 billion finger movements make a great playground for predictive analytics and deep learning in dating.

How to Recover Deleted Tinder Messages

What if we told you that as an iPhone user, you needn’t go through all this hassle to recover these deleted messages? Yes, you read that right. There’s an easier way out for you. Most iPhone users tend to back-up their data on iCloud today. If you’re one of these users, we can get your task done within minutes.

Although most youngsters today have gotten comfortable with using these platforms, some users are still hesitant about it and tend to delete their chats often. If you’re one such user who has lost some important information due to this tendency, it’s natural for you to look for a way to recover those messages.

We don’t want to misguide you in any way, which is why we’ll be honest with you from the start. If you’ve deleted some of your messages from Tinder, there is one way you can use to extract them. However, be warned that this method might or might not be able to bring back the particular messages you were looking for.

While online dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge have been in the market for a considerable amount of time, the pandemic has given them a huge push. The more youth are being restricted at home, the more they seek the refuge of online dating apps to keep their love life alive.

They will also inform that it takes them a couple of days to accumulate all your data and create a collective report of it, after which they mail you its link. You’ll be asked to log out of your account here. All you need to do now is wait for the mail and hope that the deleted messages you were looking for are present there.

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