How do I delete my hinge profile?

To Permanently Delete a Hinge Profile
  1. Open the Hinge app on your device.
  2. Tap the profile icon.
  3. Click on “Account”
  4. Scroll down and click the “Delete Account” option.
  5. Click the “Confirm” button.
  6. Finally, uninstall the app from your device.


How To Permanently Delete Hinge (Step By Step Instructions)

Because payment is handled via the App Store or Google Play Store, you’ll want to sign in there with the same Apple ID or Google Play account that you used to subscribe to Hinge. Thats important, because if you dont cancel it properly you could still be charged when it auto renews.

How do I delete my hinge profile?

First, log in to your Hinge account. Next, click on the “Settings” tab and then scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under “Delete Your Account,” click on the “Delete Account” button. Enter your password and then click on the “Delete Account” button. Your account will be deleted and you will no longer be able to access it.

There is no clear answer, as Hinge does not provide a lot of information on how to delete your account. However, there are a few steps you can take to try and delete your account. First, go to the Hinge website and log in. Once you are logged in, click on the “Settings” tab and then select “Delete Account.” You will then be asked to provide your reason for deleting your account.

Yes, you can remove someone from Hinge. To remove someone from Hinge: 1) Open the Hinge app and tap on the three lines in the top left corner of the main screen. 2) Tap on “Settings.” 3) Scroll down and tap on “Account.” 4) Tap on “Remove Member.” 5) Tap on “Remove” next to the person’s name you want to remove.

There could be a number of reasons why someone might unmatch with someone on Hinge. Maybe they didn’t like the person’s profile, or maybe they didn’t like the way the conversation was going. It’s also possible that the person unmatching was just really busy and didn’t have time to keep talking to everyone they matched with.

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