How do I change the city on my Weather widget?

Press and hold on your widget. Tap Edit Widget. Select either “my location” or “location” Select the location you want the widget to track.
Sep 22, 2020

The weather can be unpredictable, making it hard to plan activities, travels, and events. Whether you’re a student, parent, business professional, or simply someone who enjoys staying informed on the weather, having a reliable weather widget is essential. But what happens when your preferences change or you move locations? For many, the answer lies in learning how to change the city in their weather widget.
In this blog post, we’ll discuss what a weather widget is, why it’s important to keep it up-to-date, and how to easily change the city on your widget to keep you informed and prepared. We’ll cover the basics of weather widgets and discuss the different methods for altering, updating, and changing the cities on your weather widget. We’ll also provide some helpful tips for staying on top of the ever-changing weather so you never miss a beat. Whether you’re looking to update your widget due to

Galaxy S22/S22+/Ultra: How to Set/Change the City Location of The Weather Widget

How to change location on weather widget Android
If you’re an Android user and you’d like to customize your weather widget to show the forecast for a different location, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll go through the steps needed to change location on the weather widget for Android devices. First, open the home screen and locate the weather widget. Tap on the widget, and you’ll be prompted to enter the desired location. You can use the search bar to type in a city or zip code, or you can allow the app to detect your current location. Once you’ve entered and selected the desired location, you’ll be taken back to the home screen and your weather widget will now display the forecast for the new location. It’s important to note
How to change location on Weather widget iPhone
If you own an iPhone and you are looking to change the location of your Weather widget, this guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions. First, let’s cover the basics. Your Weather widget uses your current location to provide you with the most accurate weather data. To change your location, you need to head to the Settings app. Once you have opened the Settings app, tap on the “Privacy” tab, then select “Location Services”. Here you will see the option to turn on and off the location services for your iPhone; ensure this is turned on.
Next, go back to the main screen of the Settings app and select the “Weather” tab. Here you will be able to choose the location
How to change weather location
Changing the weather location on your device or app can be a simple process. Depending on the type of device or app you are using, the steps may vary, but the process remains the same. To change the weather location on your device or app, you will need to access the settings option. Once you have accessed the settings, look for the option that allows you to change the weather location. Depending on the device or app, this option may be labeled as ‘Weather Location’ or something similar. Once you have found the option, you will be able to enter the specific location or city you would like to update the weather for. After you have entered the new location, save the settings and you should now be able to view
Why is my Weather widget showing the wrong city?

The problem might be resolved by changing the location settings in your app or phone. Observe these steps: Make sure Location is ON under Settings > Location. Tap Mode > High accuracy.

How do I change the default city on my Weather app?

Weather app: How to change default location?
  1. Open weather app.
  2. Add your location.
  3. Once your location has been added, select the tiny list icon that looks like this:
  4. That will bring up the list of weather locations.
  5. To move a location to the top of the list on your phone, hold your finger down on it.

How do I change the city on my Weather widget?

How to change the displayed location
  1. Touch and hold the Weather widget, and then select Settings.
  2. Tap Change next to the currently selected location.
  3. Select a new location to display, and then tap Save.
  4. You will be able to see the weather for the new location you have chosen once the changes have been made.

Why does my Weather app think I’m somewhere else?

The accuracy of location detection heavily depends on your device, its settings, and how it is connected to the internet. Why does the app think I’m somewhere I’m not?

Why is my Weather widget not updating location?

Restart Your Device You can try restarting your Android to see if it helps if the internet is working properly but you’re still having issues with your widgets. Rebooting your Android device frequently solves problems like widgets not updating.

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