How do I alt+f4 in OS X? I want to close focused window

How do you do f4 on a mac?
Windows Mac
Closing a window Alt-F4 Command-W
Restarting Control-Alt-Delete Control-Command-Eject
Shutting down Control-Alt-Delete Control-Option-Command-Eject
Logging out Control-Alt-Delete Shift-Command-Q

How to Learn 10 Mac Shortcuts

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Shift+⌘ Cmd+w does what you want in Safari and Chrome. I dont think its a system-wide standard, though.

It works in Finder too so maybe it is a standard.

BetterTouchTool ( lets you assign many actions to trackpad and magic mouse gestures / mouse buttons / keyboard shortcuts. The “Close Window below cursor” action might be close to what you want

I believe that ⌘ Cmd+w IS what you are looking for. It doesnt just work for tabbed applications, such as browsers. I tested it in Finder this morning, the OS X Mail App, as well as Microsoft Word and Excel. All of those support using the ⌘ Cmd+w combination to close the current window.

The command to close the current focused window is Opt+Cmd+W.

How do I duplicate my screen on a Mac monitor?

  • Click the Apple icon in the top left of the screen.
  • Click System Preferences.
  • Click on Displays, on the second line.
  • Click the Arrangement tab.
  • Check the “Mirror Displays” checkbox in the bottom left of the window.
  • Alternatively referred to as Cmd+Z and C-z, Command+Z is a keyboard shortcut most often used to undo the previous action. The keyboard shortcut that is the opposite of Command+Z is Command+Y (redo). Tip. On Windows computers, the shortcut to undo is Ctrl + Z .

    How do I copy a Mac screen to a monitor?

    You’ll need to press the combination keys together to command your Mac to carry out specific functions. 1. Take screenshots: Shift + Command + 3. Shift + Command + 4 – Capture a portion of the screen. (Move the crosshair to select the area of the screen to capture.) Shift + Command + 4 + Space bar – Capture a menu or window.

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