How can I remove specific top hits in Safari’s address bar?

To remove specific Top Hits from the Safari address bar, you can simply navigate to the Show History section of the History menu and select the page of the Top Hit you want to delete. Right click it and select “delete.”

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How to Get Rid of Top Hit in Safari iPhone and Mac?

The Safari browser displays the Top Hits suggestion when searching for any matching term or website in the address bar that we have either visited in the past or saved as a bookmark. Unfortunately, there is no explicit option to disable this feature. Hence, the only way to stop Top Hits recommendation is to clear the stored browsing data. We can also stop preloading the Top Hits to save bandwidth.

First off, your workflow will be uninterrupted with search results that you are least interested in. For example, one of my friends lives in Singapore, and he wants to access Apple’s site corresponding to his region only. Unfortunately, the browser would always show up the root site first, followed by what he intends to visit.

Moreover, the automatic pre-loading of the first search results (which you have no plan to interact with) would also lead to unnecessary network bandwidth consumption. Not to mention the fact that your data would now be in the hands of even more websites, most of which would be the ones that you wouldn’t have even opened.

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Its actually not possible to remove the root domain from Safaris top hits. Ive always had this problem and find it irritating.

Unfortunately, the problem is that Safari autofills the root domain, before auto completing the sub domain.

So, even if you dont visit, it would still show up since you visit /sub.

After brainstorming for days, I finally managed to find a solution. Putting it here since it may help others. Clearing history on one or all your devices doesnt help. All you need to do is show your Bookmarks from the bookmarks tab, search for the website you want removed from the top hits (it only shows in top hits because its in your bookmarks) and delete it from there. Thats it, the said top hit will stop appearing on all your iCloud devices.

Whats rather disappointing in all this is even tech savvy people need to bang their head around to find a solution to such a simple problem. In Google Chrome, you can simply select that top result and delete it.

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