Hinge questions: The best profile answers to get the most matches

Dating websites are slowly becoming the only way to find a partner or even get a shag these days. Bumble is old news, Tinder is full of creeps, so now it’s down to Hinge. The great thing about Hinge is that instead of getting stuck for conversation starters on Tinder, everyone’s profile is built-in with three questions about them. However, shock horror – you now need to come up with the best answers to the Hinge questions you possibly can.

Start with excellent pictures, and end with authentic responses to Hinge questions. Try to avoid generic answers and show off the best parts of your personality with clever responses. For example, focus on your life story but avoid giving too much information.

Hinge Answers That Actually Work In 2022 – Revealed!

The best answers to Hinge questions:

“A shower thought I had recently” is often followed by “I realised I’m ready to find love, buy a cat and move to the country” which is unforgivable. If you’re going to choose this question then you need to go big and weird.

You need to respond with something they’ve also thought about in the shower or will do from now on. Eg “do crabs think fish are flying in the sea?”. Genius. The first thing you think when you read it is “wait, do they?”. From then on, everyone knows you think out of the box and, therefore, they’ll want to have sex with you – success.

how to answer hinge questions

Question: Worst first date

This is an easy one. You don’t have to think up something super original or funny. Everyone’s had an awful first date so it’s really relatable and will often lead them to respond with their story – you both laugh about your experiences and you’ve already got a great flow going.

Question: Dating me is like

One of the best responses we’ve seen to this is that it’s like “finding an extra chicken nugget in your Maccies”. Everyone loves it when that happens. It brings so much unexpected joy, laughter and sometimes you’re a bit turned on. And that’s how people will feel dating you. Automatic like.

how to answer hinge questions

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