Here’s the truth: they never loved you : BreakUps

Signs Your Ex Never Really Loved You

Here’s the truth: they never loved you : BreakUps

Anyways, it’s time to turn the tables around. Let’s not focus on them anymore. They’re a thing of the past. Because of that experience, you are stronger now more than ever. You have all the time to love yourself, care for yourself and treat yourself. Spend time with your friends and family. Meet new people. Pick up a new hobby. Distract yourself and move on!

Here’s why: Someone who genuinely loves someone will go to great lengths to make it work. They will push mountains and swim the deepest seas to make sure that your love prevails. When things get tough, they will spend every ounce of time and energy to make sure that things got better. They will fight. They will fight for you.

My Ex Said He Never Loved Me: Here’s Why!

he never loved mehe never loved meA few days ago, I received a message from Katelyn. She and her boyfriend had split up few weeks prior to her messaging me, but her ex boyfriend’s behavior had become more and more puzzling. In her email, she had written, “Adrian he told me he never loved me. I didn’t think I could actually feel any worse but, surprise! I do. So what can I even do? I want him back!”

The amount of time you were together is a good indicator. As I said above, if you were only together for a few weeks he might be telling the truth, but if you were together for a long time, I think it’s safe to say that he’s bluffing. Then, what could you have done to make him feel like he needs to tell you he doesn’t love you ?he left me

In Katelyn’s email, she explained that she and her ex had broken up amicably. They felt that it was time to try other things and to let each other go. In discussing the details of her relationship with her ex, I came to understand that her ex was actually really struggling with letting her go. I discovered that on a subconscious level she was aware of this, and was struggling with the guilt of suggesting they end the relationship.

Simply put, we want your ex to realize what he stands to lose if he truly lets you go. Your ex is going to want you back the moment he realizes that there are stakes. In other words, your ex is going to want you back the moment he begins to fear losing you for good.

You want to inspire him to want to get closer to you by making him realize that life would be so much better with you in it. It’s challenging to stick to zero contact during this period, but it will catch your ex’s attention – especially if you make the effort to fill up your schedule with things that bring you joy.

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