He Wants To Move And I Don’t: Pros And Cons Of Moving (5 Significant Considerations)

Should You Ever Relocate for Love?

3. You can still keep in touch with family and friends

With technology as it is these days, we didn’t miss family or friends because we could video-call whenever we wanted. The world is a much smaller place these days, so we didn’t feel isolated or alone.

It’s easy to get stuck into a rut all the time with the same old people, day in and day out. When I moved with my partner I got a new job, met many amazing people from different walks of life. Some of whom I’m friends with today.

Meeting new people isn’t just about increasing the number of friends you have on social media. It opens up new opportunities. You get to expand your frame of reference. It opens you up to new ideas and ideologies.

Meeting new people makes you a better-rounded person. You don’t live in an echo-chamber of your own opinions and beliefs. You are exposed to different cultures, races, religions, and ages even. All this provides you with perspective.

Despite advances in technology, it is still possible for one partner to feel isolated, particularly if they are not working. And especially if they are living in a foreign country and don’t speak the native language.

We can take for granted the support of family and friends very easily. I remember falling ill a short time after I had moved and my partner was away on business. I had made friends but I didn’t feel I could burden them with helping me out. If I had been at home I wouldn’t have hesitated to call someone.

If you are considering living a long way from home then this makes the decision to move away even harder. You might have been positive about the move at the time, but when you realized how far away you would be you changed your mind.

Why should you move to? You are quite happy where you are. You have good schools for the kids, nice shops, loyal friends and your family is close by. What more do you need? There is no need to move in your opinion.

This is probably the most common reason why a partner does not want to move. Change is scary. I mean, who really likes change? Especially if we feel like what we already have is working perfectly fine. Why upset the apple cart? We all fear the unknown, it’s quite natural but not really a reason not to move.

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Moving house is at the top of life’s top stressful events so it’s no surprise that people are so against it. It is tiring, it causes arguments, and it can test even the most loving relationship. But is it really a reason not to move?

So those are the pros and cons of moving. However, what happens if your partner suddenly arrives home at night and announces that he would really like to move and you don’t want to?

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