He cancels the date and said he wants to reschedule. It’s been 5 days and he hasn’t. Should I wait for him to re-schedule?

If a guy cancels but makes it a point to reschedule, it means that he takes you seriously and is looking forward to meeting you again. You now know what to text him when he cancels on dates. Just remember, don’t panic and keep these pointers in mind to avoid making mistakes that can kill your dating game.

When She Postpones Your Date

Regardless of the scope of emotions, try to respond with restraint

The most unpleasant cancellation is when you receive a message when you are in a taxi or are already waiting in a cafe. Faced with such, you could really lose your composure.

However, the reasons for the cancellation can be pretty serious. The person may have had an accident or other difficulties. Regardless of the scope of emotions, try to respond with restraint.

The standard answer in such cases is: “Hi, I’m sorry to hear that, but that’s okay. I hope you will be fine.”

But if a guy cancels plans last minute without a good reason, it is worth talking about your feelings, and try not to overreact.

“Hi, it’s weird that you talk about it at the last minute. I hope you can sort out your business.”

Note that if this is not the first time they have canceled a date at the last minute, they are most likely not interested in you and do not value your time. It is worth figuring out why you need to communicate with a person who does not respect you.

Try not to blame the other person for breaking your plans

Many people make communication mistakes, which can ruin the relationship or ruin very successful options. Overly emotional reactions, accusations, or even insults are things that will break the relationship forever.

As I said before, it’s ok to have negative feelings when someone cancels a date. But the reasons can be very complex. Try not to blame the other person for breaking your plans.

Also, do not make claims and do not force them to justify themselves. This assertive behavior can lead to you being blocked. Please, remember that no one must meet with you, it is only their desire, and they have the right to cancel the meeting.

Liz Bryant

he cancelled our date but wants to reschedule

President and Founder, Liz Bryant Business Etiquette

You have been invited to dinner by someone you think is kind of special. You have been looking forward to the date all week. Then, two hours before you were to be picked up, you get a call. Date cancelled. Apologies. But no mention of a reschedule. What do you do?

This is one of countless scenarios you may encounter when someone cancels a date. You may feel multiple emotions: disappointment, sadness, irritation. But the question is how do you react? Not how do you react in your apartment by yourself, but how do you respond to the other person?

The answer is simple. You respond graciously. For a few reasons.

Be polite, accept their apology, and indicate your desire to reschedule

You may still want to go out with the person who canceled the date. This way you have left the door open to the possibility. If you express anger or irritation, you could very likely hurt your chances of being called by that person again. Then it’s up to you if you accept a future invitation.

If they cancel a second time, I would still be polite and accept the apology, but not indicate a desire to reschedule. Your time is valuable. And should be respected as such.

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