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How to Jailbreak A PS3 (NO USB OR PC NEEDED)

Part 1Part 1 of 6:Preparing to Jailbreak

  • Question Does this actually work? Community Answer You need to get a password to extract files, which means you have to do a survey, so no, it doesnt work.
  • Question Will this work for 4.81? Community Answer Youll have to downgrade first, but to be able to, your PS3 mustve been 3.55 or below at some point.
  • Question Will I be able to play PS3 games downloaded from a PC after jailbreaking? Community Answer Yes. You can download torrent files from some sites and then extract them with Utorrent and create a folder called “PS3,” then make a folder named “GAMES” in the PS3 folder. Transfer the folders to a USB. Then plug your USB in your PS3 console and install the file. You will need MultiMAN to install games from USB, be sure to download it from the official site. Do the same thing as before to transfer MultiMAN to your PS3.
  • Question Why would I want to jailbreak a PS3? Community Answer To be able to install mods, play unsupported game files, and access the full developer functions (virtually turning it to your own OEM console).
  • Question My PS3 is not jailbroken. Will I be able to play games from a USB with it? Community Answer No, you cant play games from a USB without a jailbreak due to piracy concerns.
  • Question The latest PS3 firmware update is 4.81. Will the link in the article still work, or is there another place to get updated jailbreak software? Community Answer At present, there is no way to jailbreak firmware 4.81, despite what YouTube and other sites suggest; these sites will try and get you to sign up to something or take a survey before downloading the fake software. The only option currently is to hard mod it rather than soft mod.
  • Question How do I downgrade my PS3 from 4.81 to 3.55? Community Answer If your PS3 is a Super Slim, it is impossible due to the fact that Super Slims never had 3.55 to begin with. However, you can do it with a Slim or a Fat by installing software to a USB stick and smacking that sucker into your PS3. Be careful, though, as you dont want to brick your console.
  • Question After jailbreaking my PS3, will I be able to use my wireless dual-shock 3? Community Answer Yes, it will still connect to your PS3, which will then allow you to do anything you like with it.
  • Question If I jailbreak a PS3, can I play online? Community Answer No, since you will no be able to go on PSN. However, you can still play splitscreen or via LAN
  • Question Is that possible to jail break the 12 GB model of PS3? Community Answer Yes, but it would be useless to do so, because you wont be able to do much with a 12GB. Get a 64GB instead.
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  • You can use a jailbroken PS3 to install anything from home screen apps to retroactive video games. Thanks! Helpful 2 Not Helpful 0
  • Jailbreaking your PS3 is very much a trial-and-error process. Your PS3 almost certainly wont successfully install the necessary software the first time you try these steps; if a process fails to work, be sure to try again several times before giving up. Thanks! Helpful 1 Not Helpful 0
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  • If you attempt to download and install custom firmware on an incompatible PS3, the console will stop working and may be rendered permanently inoperable. Thanks! Helpful 7 Not Helpful 1
  • Once youve jailbroken your PS3, you cannot sign into the PlayStation Network. Doing so may result in your account (or even your console) being banned from online use (e.g., multiplayer). Thanks! Helpful 5 Not Helpful 1
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