Geth Engineer Build (Certified Awesome) : MECoOp

ME3M: Geth Engineer Video Guide

Geth Engineer Build (Certified Awesome) : MECoOp

Overload – Unlike my Turian Sentinel build I dont feel maxing single target damage is required for this character. The Geth Engineer has good mobility, speed, wallhax and 8-14 bullets to deal with enemies. For this character I prefer choosing Chain Overload at the first branch for the extra crowd control and opportunity to detonate self or team-mates Tech Combos. Because of the way Neural Shock and Shield Damage work they are too good to pass up. This set up still allows 2516 damage to organic shields and barriers – 1887 to robots.

M-99 Saber – This gun is awesome on any class with a boost to accuracy and fire rate. Depending on the ammo consumable there are two ways to run it. The one constant is the Extended Barrel. Its because of headshots. With Overload to stun and strip shields and the Hunter Mode bonuses landing headshots becomes much more frequent. The extended barrel means consistently more damage and 14% more headshot damage for the linked build. The second slot can be filled with the vanilla piercing mod if using Disruptor, Incendiary or Cyro (? – maybe its all you have) ammo. Otherwise choose the extended magazine mod when using either Drill or AP.

Yeah, this unit is good. Once you have played a few games youll feel the same way. I had initially offered my opinion on this character as an alternative to Californias worst Ahhnold impersonators Capacitor build. Since then there have been several metagame changes to pets, Tech Combos, new powerful gear and equipment added that necessitate an update. As it is an older kit that, like the Turian Havoc, was indirectly nerfed some people may simply overlook it as the “worst” Geth kit. And, it doesnt have the durability of either the Soldiers or the massive damage potential of the Infiltrator or first Soldier. But, Hunter Mode is a fantastic power that offers benefits no gear or equipment can. Overload, well its great at crowd control, detonating Tech Combos and stripping shields. Those alone are a tremendous framework when paired to a strong weapon will let you rule the battlefield with style.

Geth Turret – With the changes to AI behaviour with respect to pets Turrets, Decoy and Drones are less powerful than they have been. But, they still do draw enemy aggression from trooper, just not from bosses. The first three ranks is enough to get these benefits and restore you shields on occasion. While holding ground and shooting I like to park it near to me. Its also good to cast to cancel DoT effects and during escorts or package retrieval.

Hunter Mode – Increased accuracy, fire rate, damage, run speed and wallhax. All this for 375 shields. An easy choice from my point of view. Accuracy and fire rate cant be improved through any equipment or gear so I always choose them. In addition I find the Saber benefits greatly from both of these. I prefer Speed and Vision for the final evolution for the increase to awareness and survivability it offers.

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