Gemini Man After Break Up: Will You Get Back Together? (How to Tell)

GEMINI – Zodiac Signs after a Breakup ♊

Gemini Man After Break Up: Will You Get Back Together?

The way a Gemini man reacts to a breakup may seem like there’s no going back for him.

He may:

  • Act icy when he runs into you
  • Pretend the breakup was no big deal
  • Look for hook-ups to keep him occupied
  • The thing is, you can’t really judge whether he’d be ready to get back together based on these behaviors. Geminis are good at doing what they need to do to put hurt feelings behind them.

    But they’re not opposed to starting anew with an ex.

    Geminis’ boundless curiosity allows them to be open to trying anything. They won’t simply write off a relationship with a less-than-straightforward path because they know that life is full of possibilities.

    So will you get back together? Let’s look at the factors that come into play when he’s making up his mind.

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    In general, it’s more likely that he’ll want to try again if you broke it off with him than if he ended the relationship.

    If the breakup surprised and confused him, he’s going to want to find out what happened. Things were good before—and there’s no reason they can’t be again.

    Even if he saw the breakup coming, he may want a do-over—a second chance to right whatever wrong caused the breakup.

    If he cheated or gave you any other reason to end the relationship, he probably already wants you back. It wouldn’t be surprising if he’s checking your Instagram and asking your friends about you.

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