Fun ways to respond to the boring “hi

The 11 Best Ways to Respond to “Hey” from a Girl on Tinder
  1. Send “Hey” back for a quick response.
  2. Ask “How’s it going?” for a low-stakes opener.
  3. Start a conversation about her interests.
  4. Ask her for an opinion.
  5. Challenge her to a flirty game.
  6. Give her a compliment.
  7. Try a cheesy pickup line.

How to Respond To a Woman’s First Message on Bumble | Replying to Hey

How to Respond to Hey

The simplest way to respond to “hey” is to say “hey” back. If you want to meet or date the person, you could say something more such as “How are you?” or “What’s up.

First of all, “Hey” is not the best way to start a conversation by text message or on a dating app such as Tinder or Bumble. But then, it depends on who sent you that text. If it is your crush, then appropriate or not, you are just happy to receive it. But if it was sent by someone you barely know, then that could be a rude way to start a conversation.

So, your relationship with the sender of the text will largely determine the tone of your response.

Whichever type of relationship you have with the text sender, below are 7 different ways to respond to “Hey.”

How to respond to hey on Bumble? How to respond to hey on Tinder “Hey” is one of the most common messages on dating apps or when texting. Responding with another “Hey” will put the ball on his or her court. Someone who texts “Hey” on Bumble or Tinder is actually putting pressure on you to start the conversation.

If it is your crush, then you would be happy to respond with a “Hi, what’s up?” However, if it is someone that you’re not interested in developing a relationship with, just text “Hey” right back and then see what will happen.

This would be the right response if your crush sent the text. Getting a text from your crush should naturally make you happy. So, you would want to prolong the conversation as much as possible.

Since you really don’t know why he or she texted you that way, you can then fish for the reason. You can even add a friendly emoji showing that you are open to a conversation.

A clickbait is a type of reply that creates an itch that the reader must scratch. It is a three- or four-word response designed to get him or her to crave an answer. Here are two examples:

  • “Hey (name), do you know what makes people attracted to you?”
  • “Hey (name), do you know what makes you interesting?”
  • 4. “How long have you been biking?” (or some other sports activity)

    If it’s a friend, be the one to start the conversation. Ask them, “How long have you been biking? I love doing that, too.” When they answer, it will be easy to get the ball rolling.

    If you are feeling witty, you could respond with a witty, sarcastic response such as “Wow! That’s the most inspiring thing anyone has said to me this day.”

    The trick here is to encourage the girl or guy to respond back with a more meaningful message next time. Use caution with this response because if you are too witty or sarcastic, it could scare the other person away.

    If you respond with “Hey, what’s up?” or “Hey, how are you?” you can encourage the other person to be more articulate about what they want to say.

    It increases the likelihood that their next answer will be longer than just the “Hey” they sent earlier. This response is a bit of a cliché, but at least you will be able to get the conversation rolling.

    If you don’t want a boring response, ask a fun question that the text sender will not expect. Here are some examples:

  • “If you would choose a movie for us to watch, what would you pick?”
  • “What is one thing that you would change about yourself if you had the power to do so?”
  • “If you want to look your best, what clothes would you wear?”
  • “What is the best thing about you that you would like your friends to know about?”
  • “What advice would you give your younger self?” (or “What dating advice would you give your younger self?”)
  • “Do you have any big goals?”
  • “What’s the first thing that you notice in a person?”
  • So how to respond to hey text from a guy? Or how to respond to hey text from a girl? Choose from the above examples based on the person messaging you and how you feel about them.

    Next, let’s look specifically at how to respond if you want the conversation to continue.

    How to Respond to Hey If You Want the Conversation to Continue

    How to respond to a text that says hey if you want the conversation to continue? If it is your crush or a close friend who has sent you a “Hey” text, naturally, you would want to continue the conversation. However, you are not really sure how to respond.

    Below are 14 ways to respond to “Hey” if you like the person and want to continue the conversation with them.

    “Hi” is a little more friendly and intimate than “hey.”

    Send this reply if you are really thinking of texting your friend. Perhaps you have not spoken with each other for a while. You can also add, “What a coincidence!”

    If you want to sound more formal, you can reply with “Hello.” It is appropriate for someone you really don’t know well, for example, a co-worker or boss. By saying “hello,” it is a cue for them to say what they want.

    This is your response if you receive a text from a friend you haven’t heard from in a long time. The sender will be happy to know that you are glad to hear from him or her.

    If you know that the friend who texted you is a funny person, you can respond with a “Howdy.” Being funny, your friend will see the humor behind your reply.

    This reply is an alternate way of asking, “What are you doing?” or “What’s up?” It is an appropriate response to a person whom you know very well.

    Get right into asking about them instead of responding with another “hey” or “hello.” This response opens the door for a long conversation.

    This response is another way of getting other people to open up and give their reason for texting you.

    This response is specific about the time, but you can adjust it to fit the time when you received the text. It is a great response to a friend.

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