February 25th Zodiac

A Pisces born on February 25 is in tune with the world around him or her. They may possess an amazing psychic sensitivity that causes them to be drawn to a study of supernatural and occult wisdom. They are most powerful when they put their talents toward a cause greater than themselves.

February 25th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality – Pisces – Part 1

February 25th Zodiac

Two Moons surrounding our little Mercury here speak of family members chatting over the world of a person born on this date. It is imperative to speak from the heart in this position, for these individuals have a lot to share with people they are intimate with. This can be quite unfortunate when they are surrounded by people who speak from the head instead of the heart, and it is of outmost importance for them individuals to find a way to differentiate two types of speech instead of taking everything to heart. Words are gentle and caring, and work can be a bit jeopardized with emotion. Clarifying matters in their family stand for a great part of their existence and mission in life.

Each person born on the 25th of February has a talent for communicating, information sharing and writing. They will be excellent reporters, journalists, writers, and public speakers, as well as those who stand behind leading figures pointing them in the right direction. Once they find their faith in personal success, they become excellent motivational speakers too, with a potential to organize courses and education for those who need to build their self-esteem or work on their presentation.

As we approach the end of February, we enter the zone of constructive changes in ones emotional world, since the entire month of February is ruled by the Moon through its numeral symbolism. Experience gathered helps relate to family members, and the 25th of February seems to be in charge of communication and clearing misunderstandings that were left unresolved in ones family tree.

When choosing a gift for someone born on this date, you need to keep in mind that practicality plays a much bigger part in their approach to life than it might seem as you observe their Piscean nature. They are dreamers with a need to be swept off their feet, but also value things that can be used in everyday life, especially their home. Keep in mind that it is their talents that set them apart so stay in tone, choose items in their colors, and shapes they prefer, and really anything will make them happy for as long as you show recognition through details that resonate with their Soul.

When it comes to love, there is a constant dilemma in the world of Pisces representatives born on February 25th. On one hand, their need for love and idealism of closeness is always present as their guiding light, but on the other, their brain always kicks in to show the faults in those they choose to be with. Attraction has really nothing to do with this, and they could remain in an unsatisfied state for as long as they dont find their equal, and someone to talk back and jump into fiery conversations when necessary.

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