Facebook is saying I’m logged in from a whole other city, what is this? : Troubleshooting

Remember that Facebook won’t give you the precise location of each log-in or the identity of the interloper. Some location details might be way off; it all depends on where you are in the world and the server’s location. Regardless, you’ll still have the date and time stamps, as well as which device got used to gain access.

If you think you’ve left yourself logged in on someone else’s mobile device, you can log yourself out. Someone else has access to your Facebook account: If you think someone else is logged in to your account, you should first log yourself out and then secure your account by changing your password.

How to Check My Facebook Login Devices (2021)

Facebook is saying I’m logged in from a whole other city, what is this? : Troubleshooting

In Facebooks security tab, I went to see what active sessions I had working to see if anyone was using my account. And they were… from what it seemed at first. I changed my password to something more complex than the last (which was already “strong” and complex enough). So today I went to look at my activity and its the same thing. Logged from about state – city.

Why is my facebook location wrongAnswered By:

This, showing wrong location of your account is simply due to the reason that your GPRS settings are not up to the mark.. Asked By:

Can you see if someone logs into your messengerAnswered By:

Promoted Stories. Settings > Security > Where you’re logged on . When you hit ‘Edit’, you’ll be taken to a page where you can see where you have logged onto across all devices. Asked By:

Log Out of a Certain Device in Facebook using iOS or Android

If you’d like to keep your current devices connected to Facebook, you can always log out of the unknown device with ease.

  • Launch Facebook on iOS or Android, then click the “Menu” icon in the top-right section.
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Under the “Security” menu, tap on “Security and Login.”
  • Select “See all” to open the entire list of devices.
  • Tap the “ellipsis” icon (three vertical dots) to open the selected device’s activity details.
  • Select “Log Out” for the chosen device.
  • Performing these steps will instantly log the user out of your account. If it was someone accessing your account and you changed your login credentials, they won’t be able to log back into your account. If the device shows up again later, it might be one of your devices, even if it displays as an unknown device. However, it is still possible that a hacker could crack your new login password too.

    Log Out of All Devices at Once in Facebook from iPhone or Android

    If the only device you use to get online is your smartphone, or you prefer it, logging out from all devices on Facebook is the best route to go.

  • Open the Facebook app and navigate to “Menu -> Settings -> Security and Login -> See all.”
  • Scroll to the bottom and then select “LOG OUT OF ALL SESSIONS.”
  • Facebook automatically signs you out from all sessions on the list, except your current session.

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