Does UPS Do Money Orders?

UPS doesn’t sell or cash money orders, predominantly because it’s not a bank or financial institution. What is this? Most places that do offer money order services are either banks/credit unions or money transfer agents, which is an impartial, third-party institution or entity that helps transfer securities.

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Does UPS Do Money Orders in 2022?

Where money orders are an excellent way to send and receive money both domestically and internationally, unfortunately, UPS does not do money orders.

However, the company does sell other services like shipping, printing, paper shredding, and many other services but they do not offer money services.

Why Don’t UPS Do Money Orders?

The main reason that is most likely attributed to the lack of money orders in UPS stores is that they are a logistics company and not a bank or agency obligated to sell money orders.

They provide a wide variety of financial services, but it does not include selling money orders. Another reason might be that the company does not have enough incentive since many other companies offer the same service.

So why should customers choose a shipping and courier company like UPS when they can do their business at other places?

Have UPS Ever Offered Money Order Before?

No, UPS has never offered money order services, and it does not look like they will be offering such kind of services in the future. They started as a shipping and courier company, and they have been very successful at that.

Over the years, they have started offering other services as well; however, offering money orders has not been one of those services. As they are in a completely different line of business, it does not look like they will be doing money orders any time soon.

If UPS starts offering money orders and market them well, then people would definitely buy from them, and it will help to give their profit a boost; however, with such a tough commutation in this well-saturated market, it just seems like a good decision that they don’t offer money orders.

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