Does Tinder continue to update location if the app is left running, or only when the user is active?

2. Does Tinder location update automatically? Yes, but it will only update the location when you open the app. It doesn’t actually know where you’ve been since it will not ping your location when it is closed or even if you leave it running in the background.

Does Tinder Show Your Exact Location?

Does Tinder Show Your Exact Location? Does Location Update Automatically?

You might have noticed that when you travel, Tinder seems to know everywhere you’ve been. In fact, if you’ve been road tripping you sometimes end up with matches from everywhere you stopped at a light, and if you were flying and you switched planes at a hub airport like Miami or Dallas then god help your Tinder feed.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t shut all my apps down totally after I use them. In fact, I only swipe them all closed when my phone is freaking out and I’m like ‘ugh, this phone is such a piece of crap’ and then I look at what I have open and it’s fifty apps all trying to use loads of processing power.

No, of course Tinder doesn’t show your exact location! That would lead to all sorts of trouble. You would be forgiven for thinking they do though, or that they might do soon, as there was a flurry of articles a couple of years ago about a CREEPY NEW UPDATE for Tinder that would pinpoint all users’ exact whereabouts.

Does Tinder Location Update Automatically?

The first option is always to allow Tinder to your location. This means that whenever you open the Tinder app, it will immediately grab your location coordinates. Whenever your physical location is, it will show you, users, in your area (that you’ve designated) and show your profile to other users in the area.

The second option is only to allow Tinder to use your location only once. Only once means that Tinder will ask you every time you open the app if you want them to get the GPS coordinates for a location. If you’re concerned about Tinder always tracking your location, this is your best bet.

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