Does Tinder continue to update location if the app is left running, or only when the user is active?

If you’ve used it while traveling, you might have noticed you will get matches relevant to that specific place, even if you have stopped there for only a minute. It is because the app monitors your whereabouts. However, Tinder only updates your location automatically when the app is running in the background.

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Does Tinder Show Your Exact Location? Does Location Update Automatically?

I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t shut all my apps down totally after I use them. In fact, I only swipe them all closed when my phone is freaking out and I’m like ‘ugh, this phone is such a piece of crap’ and then I look at what I have open and it’s fifty apps all trying to use loads of processing power.

No, of course Tinder doesn’t show your exact location! That would lead to all sorts of trouble. You would be forgiven for thinking they do though, or that they might do soon, as there was a flurry of articles a couple of years ago about a CREEPY NEW UPDATE for Tinder that would pinpoint all users’ exact whereabouts.

You might have noticed that when you travel, Tinder seems to know everywhere you’ve been. In fact, if you’ve been road tripping you sometimes end up with matches from everywhere you stopped at a light, and if you were flying and you switched planes at a hub airport like Miami or Dallas then god help your Tinder feed.

Does Tinder Automatically Update Your Location?

Tinder has been around for a few years now and its location tracking seems to be fairly accurate. It seems that the app can tell where you are without a problem. The search results that you see first to swipe right or left will most likely be the closest users to your location. After Tinder takes location into account the popularity of a profile also goes into which photos pop up first in your possible match list. Profiles that people seem to like and swipe right seem to show up more often and earlier in the list than people’s profiles that get turned down more.

You might notice that sometimes Tinder doesn’t show the miles that someone is away from you but they still show you their location. If the user is away from the distance radius that they’ve selected in Tinders settings, the miles or km will not show up as well. For instance, for users that go past 50+ miles, their miles won’t show up but their location will. Tinder can’t show a user’s miles because it isn’t able to get the user’s exact location due to it being out of the location radius.

Tinder only shows your city when a user hasn’t visited the app in a while, so the information isn’t updated and accurate. Tinder can’t go off a specific town it register weeks ago but there’s a chance that the user won’t be in the same place anymore. Therefore, they’ll only show you their city because they’re still likely to be in the same city, but not in the same town that it was registered previously. Tinder might also only show the city someone is in if their device has been turned off for a while or they have deleted the app.

The whole app requires you to have your location services on and won’t work without the location services being on. If you decide to be seen in a different city, you will need to turn the location services off and back on in the city you want to be seen. This will give you a different group of users to look at and a different group of users looking at you.

Another reason why Tinder is only showing you someone’s city is that it isn’t able to determine the correct town someone is it so it can only display their city. If someone lives in an unknown city that Tinder isn’t able to determine, then they’ll only show you the city that they’re in.

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