does rite aid take checks?

While Rite Aid does take checks as payments, it does not provide cashing services. You cannot take a personal check (or another check) to Rite Aid to receive cash for it.

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Does Rite Aid Cash Checks? Does Rite Aid Take Checks? Answered

While you can’t cash a personal check or any other type of check at Rite Aid, similar retailers like Kroger and Walmart do have check cashing services available. To find out more, see our articles on the stores, banks, and credit unions that cash checks and the places that offer free check cashing.

does rite aid take checks?

CVS does not offer check-cashing services to its customers in any of its stores. CVS does, however, accept personal and business checks as a form of payment. … Alternative places to visit to get checks cashed include Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, and Wegman’s, as well as your nearby bank or credit union.

Does Rite Aid Sell Money Orders?

Yes, Rite Aid sells Western Union money orders. Customers can buy a money order at all Rite Aid locations during regular business hours. Simply go to the customer service desk to buy one.

A Rite Aid money order costs $0.99 to purchase and has a limit of $500 per order. You can only not pay with debit or credit cards. Rite Aid only accepts cash to buy a money order to prevent scams.

Use the online store locator to find a nearby Rite Aid to buy a money order.

The Rite Aid store locator will help you find the following services:

Narrow your search by entering your zip code or city and state.

Does Rite Aid Cash Money Orders?

No, Rite Aid does not cash money orders even if purchased from a Rite Aid store. However, money orders bought at Rite Aid can be cashed at any Western Union location, banks, credit unions, and 24-hour check-cashing stores.

Most grocery stores don’t cash money orders for customers, including Safeway, Publix, and Kroger.

See our places that don’t use Ingo check cashing app for mobile deposits guide.

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