Does Oobleck Dry Out, Expire, Mold Or Rot?

How Long Does Oobleck Last? Oobleck will last a day. After that it starts to go bad. To dispose of the oobleck, we like to let it dry out overnight.


Does Oobleck Dry Out, Expire, Mold Or Rot?

As oobleck is technically a food product, it can grow mold, although this is most likely to occur if the oobleck is stored using improper storage methods and is kept this way for an extended period of time. If the oobleck is not stored correctly, then it can begin to grow mold after three or four days.

During this time of three to four days, it may not be safe to play with the oobleck as the mold spores are still present in the oobleck and are not visible to the human eye. These spores can also be dangerous to your health if they are ingested, so it is better to avoid this situation in its entirety and just store the oobleck correctly from the beginning.

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To dispose of the oobleck, add in a good amount of water to make a slurry out of the oobleck. Then pour the slurry down the drain while the hot water tap is open. The hot water will help dissolve the corn starch in the slurry, ensuring that it does not clog your drain.

Oobleck can indeed go off, expire, dry out, grow mold, and rot, as oobleck is made out of food products and is therefore considered a food product itself. For this reason, it is best to store oobleck properly to ensure that you have “good” oobleck that will not harm your health and that you get the most out of your oobleck. Enjoy your oobleck play sessions!

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