Does HEB run background checks and if so, does anyone know how far back they go?

Background Checks and Criminal Records

What are the odds someone with a felony will get hired?

After researching H-E-B and their hiring practices, Relaunch Pad believes your odds of getting hired here are average. Their hiring policy allows former felons to work here, and we know they’ve hired former offenders before. With that being the case, it’s possible you could get a job here as well.

If your crime was a misdemeanor, you might have an even better chance of working here. The key is being honest as you fill out your application, as we know they’ll verify the information with a background check.

There are a variety of entry-level jobs at H-E-B. Here are some examples (you can find what’s current on their careers site):

  • Customer Service Assistant/Bagger — Bag groceries for customers and help them carry the items to their vehicle.
  • Checker — Greet customers, scan their items and run the cash register.
  • Department-Specific Customer Service Rep — Help with the day-to-day operations in a specific department like the bakery or deli.
  • Delivery Driver — Deliver groceries to people’s homes or workplaces.
  • Overnight Stocker — Make sure items are restocked overnight and new displays are set up properly.
  • Overnight Sanitation — Responsible for cleaning the floors, windows and restrooms.
  • These are just some of the in-store opportunities. H-E-B also has positions available in areas like manufacturing, warehouse and transportation. They pride themselves on promoting within the company, so these positions could be the start of a long career here.

    We know H-E-B has hired former offenders in the past. Now let’s look at how you can increase your chances of getting hired here with a criminal record. We’ll start by spending some time on your resume.

  • The best place to start is by making sure your resume highlights your relevant experience. Have you worked at a grocery store before? Do you have other retail sales experience? If so, draw attention to these past jobs and the skills you gained from them.
  • Take your time and do a good job on your resume. Not sure how to put a resume together? Check out our Guide to Resumes for Former Felons. We recommend asking someone at your local career center to check your resume for spelling and grammar issues when you’re done.
  • When you’re sure it’s good-to-go, you’ll need to submit your application online.
  • Now it’s time to prep for the interview. If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! Here are some tips to help you land the gig at H-E-B:

  • Employees working in H-E-B stores tend to wear khaki pants and a polo shirt, so wearing a similar outfit is probably a good idea.
  • Start the interview out on a positive note by being on-time, or a little bit early.
  • Be confident, especially if you have previous experience that makes you a good fit for the position you’re applying for.
  • Carry yourself as though you’re ready to put on a red shirt and go to work. This kind of go-getter attitude will make you stand out from other applicants.
  • Be honest if they ask about your past. We know they’ll do a background check, so hiding your past isn’t a good idea. Make sure you focus on the difference between who you were at the time of your offense versus who you are now.
  • On that same note, it’s better to leave your prison tats and prison slang out of your interview. We recommend covering up tattoos until you know what the store/facility policy is. And foul language will probably make the wrong kind of impression.
  • Yes. All of our sources agree H-E-B will do an extremely thorough background check. Knowing this is the case, be honest with the information you provide them. We know they’ve hired former felons before, so the fact that you have a record won’t disqualify you.

    Here’s some helpful information about background checks:

    Some states (including Texas) don’t consider information that’s over seven years old. This means the information about your offense may not come up if enough time has passed. Here’s a complete list of the states in this category:

    There are also several states where your background check won’t show any cases where you were found not guilty. Here are the states on that list:

    In many states, a background check will reveal your entire record, even cases where you were found not guilty. Here’s a list of those states:

    We spent some time on to see what employees had to say about working at H-E-B. Reviews from nearly 3,000 current and former employees left the company with a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. Eighty-five percent of these employees said they’d recommend H-E-B to a friend!

    What felony convictions might have a hard time getting hired here?

    Does H-E-B hire felons? Our sources say they do. However, they have a strong desire to make sure their stores are safe places for their employees and customers. This may make it difficult to get hired here with certain types of felonies, like:

  • Theft, if you’re applying for a position as a checker or stocker.
  • Violent offenses, if you’re applying for an in-store position.
  • Offenses involving a vehicle, if you’re applying for a delivery driver or transportation position.
  • Sex offenses, if you’re applying for an in-store position.
  • H-E-B doesn’t drug test all of their new employees, but they do test some of them. This could vary based on the location or the position you’re being hired for. Your best bet is to be prepared for a drug test, in case you’re selected for an urinalysis.

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