Does Bumble Show You To People Outside Your Age Range?

How to Change Age Range in Bumble Dating || 2021

Does Bumble Show You To People Outside Your Age Range?

But what about the bigger picture. How does your age range interact with the age range setting of others? Does Bumble show you to people outside your age range? The short answer is yes, it seems to. Matches would simply be too limited by a whole web of upper and lower age limits otherwise.

If you haven’t been keeping up with things for the last… oh… thirty years or so, quick update: the internet can often be tough or downright hostile towards women. On top of the girl-power aspect of Bumble (that’s a little unfair of me – the company has won awards for its championing of female staff and gives big money to female creators), it allows you to do all the usual things to narrow down candidates in your search for a match.

Bumble does change the profiles you’re seeing over time, but unlike many of its competitors’ algorithms, Bumble’s background decision-making doesn’t seem to be based on things like looks. Some users theorize that Bumble punishes users for too many right swipes, sending them to the back of the queue.

If you’ve been on a dating app or site for more than about a minute, you’ve probably come across a request to set your age range. It’s something Bumble asks you when you sign up, in fact. It’s easy to understand from your own side – you put in a lower and upper age limit, and you only see potential matches whose ages fall within that range.

So, if you are 30 and you have an age range of 25-40, a 42-year-old with an age range of 30-55 might see your profile. You wouldn’t see theirs, though, unless they liked you. The system isn’t perfect, but it results in you mostly seeing potential matches that are within the range you specified with occasional outliers who have shown interest.

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