Does Bumble BFF only match you with people of your gender? : Bumble

Making (Male) Friends on Bumble?

How does Bumble BFF differ from the two other Bumble modes?

As we have already mentioned, unlike on Bumble Date and Bumble Bizz you can’t see and match with profiles from the opposite gender, if you are a guy you can only find guy friends, if you are a girl you can only match with other girls.

Definitely, if you look for some personal experiments about Bumble BFF, you will find plenty of articles on the internet that tell you they managed to find a number of new friends.

Although, most of these case studies and personal reports are all from women bloggers, so it seems that it is more effective for women trying to find new friends.

It could work, but we think the majority of guys find it really weird to make new friends on an online dating app that is mostly used for finding long term or short term relationships. Also, Bumble BFF still relies on the fundamentals of the dating app: pictures and looks. The problem is that guys don’t really make friends based on how the other person looks like.

If you are a guy and want to find some friends, you might try out BFF, but don’t have high hopes.

In theory you could, as you can see and match profiles, but we suggest you should not, as users will most likely report you. You can use Bumble Dates for finding your LMBTQ partner, there is no need to game the system.

All in all, Bumble BFF is a great mode in Bumble that lets you find new friends whatever you are looking for a gym buddy, a roommate or anything else. You can see this mode as an enhancement to the original Bumble dating experience, that most of the other dating apps do not provide.

Let’s be honest though, this feature has been developed for girls, so it is only really useful if you are a girl and want to find new friends.

One thing where they could improve on is that it is possible to make friends with the opposite gender, so they should have the option to match with people from the opposite gender. Although the reality is that most guys would try to take advantage of this and still use it for dating.

That’s it, folks, everything you must know about Bumble BFF, the mode where you can find new friends. Have you tried it before? What is your experience? Or you have a question we have not answered in this article? Ask us in the comment section and will get back to you as soon as we can

Yes, you can only match with guys if you are a guy and only with girls if you are a girl.

Can You Delete Bumble BFF While Keeping Bumble Bizz Or Bumble Date?

Yes, it is possible. Just tap the Bumble icon and X out the mode you don’t want to use.

Can you use Bumble Boost in Bumble BFF as well?

Yes, if you purchased a Bumble Boost subscription, you can use the features the same way in Bumble BFF as you would use them on Bumble Date mode.

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