Does anyone know how to turn off game tools? : GalaxyNote9

Samsung Galaxy S7: How to Enable / Disable Game Tools

How do I disable game tools on Android?

If the navigation bar is hidden, swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen or swipe left from the right hand side of the screen to reveal it. If you have set the navigation bar to use “Full screen gestures”, swipe down from the top of the screen to open the notification panel, then tap Tap to open Game Booster”.

Game Tools is a function built into the Operating System of Samsung Phones and Tablets running Android OS 7 and higher. It’s designed to let you record and share screenshots of your most epic game-play. Post videos and photos to your social feeds to show off your best run through, or help others find easter eggs.

How To Disable Game Tools

So, Tired of Game tools or its popping every time you open apps. Whenever you are opening the Apps like weather apps or any other work apps the Game launcher Pops up, many users told that After The Pie Update they are facing this issue. How To Disable Game Tools is a common problem or you can say its a good feature for some users also

This is the most used feautre in Samsung Galaxy devices and it helps in ignoring calls or No one can distrub you while playing games. It will mute your notification whenever you playing games But SOme people Don’t like It So they Want to Disable it, So Above there is full process for How to disable game Tools.

As per The problem,user-facing is common and you can easily deal with it with some guidance and If you have Samsung Galaxy Note 10, you are probably looking forward to playing on that amazing AMOLED panel, without interruptions. Game Launcher simply enhances the experience by muting your notifications, ensuring seamless, uninterrupted gameplay.

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