Do Gemini Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

GEMINI – Zodiac Signs after a Breakup ♊

7 Ways to get your Gemini woman back

will gemini woman come back after breakup

Geminis love to communicate: if you still have the chance to initiate the conversation with her, because she is a master of communication, you must be able to get reacquainted and be her friend as much as possible.

Being her friend opens the chances of communicating which will, in turn, give you insights as to why she might have broken up with you, she can also give you hints if she’s still friends with you, either way, keeping the communication intact by being her friends helps a lot.

If possible that’s she’s your friend, stimulate her senses by becoming her best buddy in experiencing new things and flavors in life, ask her to travel with you or go to this exotic restaurant, invite her out to a small gathering or a big party, be as fun and spontaneous.

By doing this you are enabling a possible rekindling of a relationship that’s once been broken, she’ll realize you are fun and dynamic just as her and will certainly give you chances in getting her back.

Avoid being too serious. With her, by your side, you must be able to take her teasing more lightly and be prepared to openly tease her too, be sure not to criticize or mock her but instead do more subtle but thought-provoking conversations that might awaken her wild side.

She’s spontaneous and she loves that in a man too, openly flirt with her and be a match to her energy and watch your Gemini woman go crazy over you!

will gemini woman come back after breakup

Just like Gemini men, these women are popular social butterflies, as such you need to show to your Gemini lady that you’re just as sociable as her, work on your socialization skills, be full of life and upbeat during a party, do not be brooding as this might turn her off.

To get your Gemini lady back you must show her genuinely that you can also be the life of the party, gain social status through connections, or by showing off on social media, this will enhance your good projection of you to her, thus making her more attracted to you.

When there are times that you’ll have the time to talk about serious issues with her such as your past relationship, do not fret, be calm and diplomatic as possible, actively listen to her stories or complaints about the past relationship and offer your apologies to it.

While doing that you also need to calmly talk to your complaints too, because Gemini is a sign of communication, she will be more open-minded listening to your side of the story more than any other sign.

Listen, talk, listen, talk, increase the frequency if possible, this will help the both of you grow more as a person and help your relationship to prosper.

Be open to friendly debates, Gemini is a Mercury-ruled sign and has mutable energy that gives her spontaneity in communication…

Because of this, she will love the friendly competition that may involve any form of intellectual battle, writing, or debating, challenging her in open and friendly debates help her mentally connect with you.

This will help the both of you to form a bond together that will tether both of you on an intellectual level, this will help your Gemini woman realize that you are complex and intelligent which will help her realize your importance in her life.

Most importantly, travel with her, her adventure, and her need to experience new things can make her a fond traveler, by traveling with her in different places you are forming a commitment to her, doing all of these can help in getting her back in your life.

will gemini woman come back after breakup

Although your Gemini lady can be a great partner once settled in, she has quite the reputation of being a heart-breaker and sometimes an unreliable friend or partner, but remember that this isn’t usually the case.

Her mutable energy and being an air sign makes her airier than any other air sign, she quickly changes her mind often and can be flighty in difficult situations, at best she is adaptable and open-minded to change, she welcomes rather than fighting it.

Her modality also makes her facade to be unemotional and rigid, this sign doesn’t dwell too much with deep or passionate emotions, she’s more drawn to logic and the power critical thinking can do, she’s a fast learner and might even be adept at learning different cultures or languages.

This is what makes Gemini seem unpredictable or unreliable, her mind constantly wanders around, she is not fixated on ideas, she’s more open to acquiring new and unprocessed information rather than holding onto what she believes in.

This is what makes her unpredictable, she likes change and has a curious mind, her instantly changing mind can make her over-reactive and anxious sometimes, accompanied by her extroverted nature.

She’s the one who might constantly think about things way too often, her million thoughts might keep her ahead at night which can make her inconsistent and indecisive at times.

Because she likes variety and changes, she’s the master of adapting well to changes and as such she has a constant fear of having routine-like, stale, and boring relationships which can be a tough problem that many long-term relationship partners deal with, committing too early to a relationship can be difficult for a Gemini.

This does not mean she’s a cheater, she’s just more open to seeing the world with doing new experiences no matter how casual it may be which makes her seem like a heart-breaker who cannot commit to a relationship.

In terms of friendship, she’s a fun and wild friend to be with, she’s funny and has humor like no other, she’s popular among friends and she can be quite casual in approaching her friendships, this can make her a bit two-faced because not all people get along.

This is where Gemini’s natural ability to be a chameleon-like to be able to blend in with different friend circles comes in, it’s not that she’s apparently a two-faced backstabbing person who’s unreliable, she is more of a kind of person who knows there are two sides of the same coin in the story.

Personified by the twins, she doesn’t let emotions cloud her judgment which can make her quite great at handling different groups of people, she understands them and their motives, she is the true personification of a people person.

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