Do Emotionally Unavailable Dumpers Come Back?

When you are in the relationship, it seems he doesn’t care enough to work on it – leaving you holding the emotional reins for both of you. But some emotionally unavailable men keep coming back after a break-up.

Does “No Contact” Work On Emotionally Unavailable Men?

Do Emotionally Unavailable Dumpers Come Back?

People who don’t seek help or at the very least work on themselves, usually don’t tap into their strength and become emotionally available. They tend to drag their emotional unavailability issues from one relationship to the next and feel that the people they date don’t understand them and meet their needs.

No contact, therefore, isn’t 100% successful. It’s not a manipulation technique that would magically resolve dumpers’ emotional incompatibilities and force them to come running. No contact is just a simple self-imposed rule that gives dumpers the space they need to focus on themselves and hopefully, figure out why they feel (or don’t feel) the way they do.

Although an emotionally unavailable ex who’s temporarily going through something difficult could deal with his or her issues and return in just a few months, it’s also possible that the man or woman won’t return or that he or she will face issues again in the future and push you away to focus on them.

So if you have a feeling that your ex is emotionally unavailable, start by figuring out how far back your ex’s issues go. If they date back to when your ex was very young, it may be better to let your ex go for good. It will take time to forget about your ex, but getting over your ex will be much easier than fixing your ex’s issues for him/her.

No contact works on all genders, races, and ethnicities as it can help dumpers find reasons to repair emotional incompatibilities. A common problem, though is that not all dumpers fix their issues. Some (especially the ones with lost-lasting issues) develop strong convictions that breaking up was essential for their well-being and that they can resume their search for “the one.”

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