Disappearing Reappearing Man: What To Do?

When a man disappears, first thing you do is accept it. Accept that he is doing exactly what he wants to do and don’t take it personal. Don’t contact him or ask him what happened. This is the time to lean back.

How do I respond to a man who keeps disappearing and reappearing?

The Scarcity Theory Of Value Scarcity drives competition, particularly in economics, but it also works in dating. No one loves competing for something more than men. This is human behavior/psychology – it just is.

  • “Maybe someday, we can buy a house together.”
  • “When we live together someday. . .”
  • “Maybe someday, I’ll take you here for dinner.”
  • “I have a weekend getaway planned in August (and it’s May), maybe you can come with me.”
  • Men Understand Simple Communication Emotions are overwhelming to men and confuse the hell out of them. It’s a known fact.  Emotions are like work to men, the trouble of wading and sifting through them, attempting to decipher and understand or relate to them, it’s a ton of work. It’s also a major turn off and it makes the relationship more akin to the job of a therapist as oppossed to something fun and enjoyable.

  • a couple of grunts
  • some high-fives
  • and some laughs
  • Simple communication. That’s the name of the game with men. Keep it simple ladies.

    Men Understand Action Loud And Clear, Emotion Only Confuses Them Let’s say

  • He’ll stay gone for good. In which case, you’ve got your answer, no more waiting around for him – and you’ve dodged a bullet here because he wasn’t that into you to begin with. And had you stuck around for more games, grief and pain, more is definitely what you will have received.
  • He’ll suddenly reappear. He’ll have had time to think, he’ll have had plenty of space and the rubber band effect will kick in – and hell come around to seek you out. Hell mis you and thats what you want him to do.
  • In psychology, there are two kinds of love, passionate and companionate. And

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