DirecTV No Servers Detected – Five Easy Steps To Fix This Problem

Here are the top reasons: Your wireless video bridge and Genie DVR aren’t connected properly. Make sure all cables are securely plugged into your equipment and wall outlets. The wireless video bridge lost power or is restarting.

How To Fix & Solve AT&T DIRECTV GENIE Box No Servers Were Detected!!!

What Causes The DirecTV to No Servers Detected Error?

You will see this error if your DirecTV device is not connecting with the Genie’s main receiver. These are the main reasons:

  • The wireless video bridge and the Genie-DVR are not properly attached. It would be best if you were sure that all the cables are firmly connected to your equipment and the power outlets.
  • The Wireless Video Bridge has lost power or is being rebooted.
  • The Wireless Video Bridge is no longer in your home but is still displayed in the menu of your Genie-DVR.
  • You have replaced your Genie-DVR.3
  • The Way – Genie System Works

    The clients of DirecTV Genie are not satellite receivers. They usually look like them, and they behave like them. But they’re actually not the satellite receivers. They’re just nice adapters that receive a signal from the DirecTV Genie-DVR to the TV and accept commands from the remote control. That’s literally all the things they do. That’s why they just can be trivial and quiet.

    The main key to operating the Genie system is the entire home network. Actually, this is part of the frequencies stored on the coax cable for the communication between the DVR and the client. If this connection is lost, you will receive the message ‘DirecTV no servers detected’.

    How To Fix DirecTV No Servers Detected

    Each of the Genie clients has a network light. The appearance of the light should be yellowish-green. If it’s orange, blinking red or red, that means your client absolutely has no network connection.

    Mostly the cause always is some kind of cut or severed cable. If you have problems with one piece, it’s quite clear for you to trace where the problem is. If all parties are affected, you first have to isolate the wires for finding the error. But before that, there are some steps you’ve to take.

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