Delete or temporarily deactivate your account

To remove a business account from Pinterest completely, open the dropdown menu in the top right corner > Settings > Account Settings. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and you’ll see options for how to remove business account from Pinterest.

How to Delete Your Business Account on Pinterest (Mobile App)

Delete or temporarily deactivate your account

Note that after deactivating your account, your email address and username still remain tied to that account. You will not be able to create a new Pinterest account with that same email address or username. If you wish to free up an email address or a username that is tied to an existing Pinterest account, you have two options:

If you have outstanding bills on a business account, you’ll need to clear them before deleting your account. You can clear your outstanding balance by removing your payment information. When you remove your payment information, any outstanding balance that has not been settled will be charged to the card that was on file when the spend occurred.

Cannot Delete Business Account Without Deleting Pe…

I can see that @bodymindmood has kindly shared a video (thanks for that!) that I believe is quite helpful already. So, I am just adding here a piece of information. If a linked business account has an active Ad account, a campaign running currently, or maybe an unpaid bill, you wont be able to close it. If this is the case, it is imperative to reach out to our support team, providing the account username or the email address associated. For that reason, I kindly ask you to try to reach out to them again, and if you receive an automated response, reply to it asking for more help. Let me know if it works, please!

Im working with a client who has been using a personal Pinterest account as her business account. She tried to convert her personal account to a business account but accidentally created 3 business accounts in the process. Weve gone in and successfully deleted 2 of the business accounts but now we cant delete the final business account without Pinterest also deleting her personal account.

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