Dark Side Of Capricorn Man (11 Unrevealed Traits)

Let’s take a look at the negative traits of a Capricorn man:
  • Emotionally disconnected. Capricorn men take a little too long to express themselves. …
  • Rude. Since Capricorn men take time to get emotionally attached to people in their social circle, they may disregard your sentiments. …
  • Domineering. …
  • Impeccability. …
  • Moody.


Dark Side Of Capricorn Man (11 Unrevealed Traits)

He’s also quite an oddball because even though they care about how they spend their money, they are humanitarians. You will still find a Capricorn male volunteering in a shelter or donating to charities. It’s not about not having the money with these guys; it’s about being prudent and spending wisely.

The Capricorn man would rather be alone than risk a betrayal because he made the wrong choice. This is why they are meticulous in every decision they make. I hope this list helps you understand the personality traits of a Capricorn man. If you enjoyed reading this article, please leave a comment and don’t forget to share.

Fooling around in a relationship is not a characteristic common to a Capricorn man. However, never say never. If you feel like a Capricorn man is using you, you will need to pay attention to his actions. It won’t be easy because he is not an affectionate being. However, you will notice that he keeps his distance from you and continuously clarifies that you are nothing but a friend to him. In extreme cases, don’t be surprised if he blatantly blurts out that he doesnt love you, and if he does, take his word for it.

Capricorns are considered as the keeper of time because of their principled nature. So, when people want to see the dark side of a Capricorn man, they should simply be impractical and wayward. The principled Capricorn trait makes him approach life with seriousness and leaves little to no room for light-hearted ideas or opinions.

Capricorn guys do not rush into relationships, and even when in a relationship, they do not bring all their walls down. For them, it is one block at a time; it takes hard work to gain the trust of men born under this zodiac sign, but the reward is worth it.

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