Currently, I have a crush on a much younger man. He’s 34 and I’m 64. How crazy is that?

4 Surprising Truths About Dating Younger Men

14) He goes out of his way to be helpful

Does your younger guy want to help you whenever he can?

Fix whatever is broken around your house? Give you advice when you have a problem?

Even though he probably realizes you can take care of yourself, he still wants to step up for you.

All men have a built-in desire for something that goes beyond love or sex.

Simply put, men have a biological drive to feel essential to the woman in their life. Therefore, being helpful is an excellent sign a younger man is into an older woman.

Relationship psychologist James Bauer calls it the hero instinct. I mentioned this concept above.

Watch his excellent free video here. He explains exactly what the hero instinct is and how you can use it to rocket your relationship to the next level.

15) He can’t break eye contact with her…all of her

crush on a younger man

He’s not just looking at her eyes, he’s looking at her face, her neckline, her whole body. He’s smitten, and he can’t keep his eyes off of her.

A younger man may not have enough confidence to start with more bold forms of flirting, so he may be resorting to simpler methods.

If a younger guy is into an older woman, he’ll make every effort to communicate with her.

It’s not specific to young men/older women, but rather universal to anyone dating. If he’s interested, he’ll get her number.

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When a younger guy keeps talking about an older woman in his life, it’s probably a good sign that he’s interested in her. Why?

Because we can’t help from talking about people that we are into.

In this case, the younger man may bring up the older woman to his friends, his colleagues, and his family.

Curious if a younger guy is into an older woman?

What does that look like? It could look like him agreeing to what she wants, going along with her plans, or asking for her opinions.

Because he values her life experiences. He understands that she brings a lot to the table, and wants to show his respect through deferring to her.

Sometimes working out whether a younger guy likes an older woman seems like an impossible task. Is he into you or just playing games?

Now, I know a thing or two about relationships and in this article, I’m giving you the main signs to look out for.

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Flirting is a sign that anyone is into somebody; it’s not just something for younger men who are into older women. However, younger men may not be as forward as early with older women.

Instead, they may want to test the waters to see if the older woman is receptive to their affection.

As a result, they may flirt pretty heavily early on to see if the women are interested in them as well.

He’ll make an effort to get ahold of her. He may call her, he may text her, he may even email her.

Why? Because he wants to show her that he’s interested in her.

One way to do that is to keep the communication level high. If he’s constantly texting an older woman, that’s a key sign that he’s into her.

This is another key sign that a younger man is into an older woman.

He’ll blow off his friends to spend time with an older woman. That may seem obvious, but sometimes it’s hard to see this playing out in real life.

It’s not always easy to notice when he’s blowing off his friends. But, if you notice that he’s suddenly way more available, or available on days that he’s normally “with the guys,” then you might have a strong sign he’s into somebody.

crush on a younger man

If a younger man suddenly takes an interest in an older woman’s hobbies, this is a clear sign that he’s crushing on her.

This is due to him trying to show her that he values her and the things that she values.

If she’s an avid bowler, don’t be surprised if he suddenly is hitting the lanes!

Even if he’s been dating her for a long time, a young man will shower his older girlfriend/fiancee/wife with affection.

He’ll call her sweet names, give her kisses in public, shower her with gifts, you name it!

It’s a way to remind her plus the world around that he is serious in his feelings for her.

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If a younger man asks an older woman on a date (dinner, drinks, movies, mini-golf), it’s undoubtedly because he’s into her.

If this happens to you and you’re questioning “is he really into me,” then you need to ask yourself “why wouldn’t he be into you?”.

You can’t be afraid of the relationship — go for it!

Older women often have children (and they often don’t, no judgment either way!) and they’re a critical part of women’s lives.

Younger men who are into older women will make an effort to make a good impression on their kids.

They want to show an older woman that they’re serious about the relationship, and could therefore work into a pre-existing family dynamic.

He wants to know all of her favorite hobbies. He wants to know where she grew up, he wants to know about her job. He wants to know everything she has to say.

He understands that she has more life experience, and as a result, he wants to learn everything she has to teach.

He steps up his game. He puts aside some of his childish antics and acts like a real gentleman.

He’ll clean up his act, he’ll stop dating around, and he’ll show her that he is mature enough to handle her.

I’m serious. Let’s dispel the myth that the only older people who are attractive are men.

Older women are gorgeous. He’s into an older woman because he thinks she’s hot.

Besides that though, he’s into her because of her sophistication and life experiences. He values her maturity and wants to live up to her expectations. She makes him want to be a better man.

As long as both people are legally adults, we’re of the opinion that it doesn’t matter what the age gap is between two people as long as they’re happy.

But sometimes age differences in relationships can lead to complications.

For one thing, when one person is older than the other, each partner can come into the relationship with different levels of maturity, expectations, needs, and understanding of what a relationship is.

It’s not always the case, but oftentimes older and younger people simply may be on different pages in a relationship. This is one of the things that cause relationships to fray.

So as long as the older woman and the younger guy are on the same page, the relationship can definitely work.

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