Cookie Clicker Achievements You Can Unlock Easily At The Starting

How to get Easy Shadow Achievements in COOKIE CLICKER!

Cookie Clicker Achievements You Can Unlock Easily At The Starting

Cookie Clicker is an incremental game developed by Julien Thiennot, DashNet. The main objective of the game is to bake as many cookies as you want. There are various ways to bake cookies in the game but the most obvious one is by clicking the big cookie on the left side of the game.


2.0: The land of milk and cookies, He who controls the cookies controls the universe, Tonight on Hoarders, Are you gonna eat all that?, Were gonna need a bigger bakery, In the mouth of madness, Brought to you by the letter Money.png, When this baby hits 360 trillion cookies per hour, Fast and delicious, Cookiehertz: A really, really tasty hertz, Woops, you just solved world hunger, Turbopuns, Faster menner, And yet youre still hungry, The Abakening, Theres really no hard limit … Anyway, hows your day been?, Fast, Clickastrophe, Clickataclysm, Thumbs, Phalanges, Metacarpals, Finger clickin good, Gardener Extraordinaire, Seedy business, (…) To crumbs, you say?, Endless cycle added.

CpS boosted by Golden/Wrath Cookie effects, the Shimmering Veil, the Golden Switch boost, loans from the Stock Market, or Sugar Frenzy is not applicable for these achievements. CpS drain by Wrinkler withering does not affect the ability to earn these achievements. These achievements are based on “Raw cookies per second” which is now shown on the Stats page directly below “Cookies per second.” Unlike other CpS boosts, Krumblors auras directly affect raw CpS.

2.0042: Add 12 Chancemaker achievements (Lucked Out, What are the odds, Grandma needs a new pair of shoes, Million to one shot, doc, As luck would have it, Ever in your favor, Be a lady, Dicey business, Fingers crossed, Just a statistic, Lets leaf it at that) and 1 clicking achievement (The ultimate clickdown). Make All-natural cane sugar a shadow achievement.

Achievements are badges you earn for achieving certain goals, and each one increases the amount of milk you have (except shadow achievements). They were introduced in version 1.026. As of version 2.031, there are 518 normal achievements and 16 shadow achievements, totaling 534 achievements. Additionally, there are four dungeon achievements related to, of course, dungeons.

1.0420: Clickageddon, Clicknarok, Extreme polydactyly, Dr. T, The old never bothered me anyway, Homegrown, Technocracy, The center of the Earth, We come in peace, The secrets of the universe, Realm of the Mad God, Forever and ever, Walk the planck, Rise and shine all added. Some icons of prior achievements were changed.

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