Contacts keep disappearing

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Contacts keep disappearing

Scabrey, I can truly understand your frustration. I would be lost if all of my contacts were to disappear from my phone. Thank you for testing the phone out in many different situations. Since this has all started since the software update, I would recommend on trying to run the device with the Software Repair Assistant: Please keep us posted after this has been completed if you are still having issues.

Oh bummer, Scabrey. Lets keep working on this issue. That is very odd that this is going on. The next step that I would like to try is placing the phone into Safe Mode. I want to make sure that none of the 3rd party applications on the device are causing an issue with your Address book. This link will provide you with the steps on how to complete that: Keep me posted.

I ran the SRA last night and it seemed to have resolved the issue. It didnt lose the contacts throughout the night or most of the day until just now. I made a call and then received a call on the phone, and shortly thereafter (within 20 minutes of ending the call), the EAB Application notification popped up and my contacts are gone. So it would appear that the SRA did not fix the problem. Please advise if you have any additional suggestions. Thank you.

Since the update, I keep having an issue where the contacts in my phone disappear. When I look at my text messages, all the names and pictures will have disappeared and only phone numbers will display. When I open the phone app to make a call, it tells me I have no contacts. If I restart the phone, the contacts will all re-appear but this is now happening multiple times a day. I occasionally see a notification that “eab application has stopped working,” but Im not certain thats the only issue. It has been happening whether I am on wifi or the LTE network, and whether I have Advanced Calling turned on or off. Does anyone know why this is happening or better yet, how to fix it? This is becoming really frustrating. Thank you!

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