Can You Stop Someone From Seeing You On Bumble? Bumble Privacy 2022

To do that, just select the option on the bottom of the “Block & Report” menu that says “I’m just not interested”. This option will not trigger a red flag in the app’s database. The person you just blocked will not be reported for anything serious.

How to Block Someone on Bumble? Block & Report Someone On Bumble

Can You Stop Someone From Seeing You On Bumble? Bumble Privacy 2022

There are a whole bunch of reasons you might want to stop certain people seeing you on a dating app. Some are silly – say, you don’t want the friends you play touch football with on a Tuesday evening to see how many pictures of you and your pet kitten are included in your profile.

You would expect controlling who sees your profile would be easy on Bumble, a dating site that claims to care deeply about user safety and online bullying and harassment issues. Unfortunately, the mechanisms for stopping a user from seeing your profile are no more advanced on Bumble than on any other popular dating app.

Finally, you can always unmatch a user on Bumble. This will remove their access to your profile, and delete your conversation with them from their inbox. You might eventually pop up in their feed again, but unless you also swipe right on them you obviously won’t match and therefore they won’t actually be able to make contact.

Obviously, if you just don’t like someone’s chat or you went on a date and they turned out to drink only room temperature milk and talk only about astronomy (yeah, I mean astronomy, not astrology. I’m probably not referencing a real date I went on… in fact, for legal reasons, let’s say I am definitely not. This did not happen. I was never forced into a forty-minute conversation about the classification of Pluto on a first date.) then don’t block and report!

So, I know it might be tempting to report the ex who cheated on you with a guy from work, but it’s probably not a good idea to abuse a system that’s in place to keep people safe. Also, there’s no option for, ‘her selfish lust for newness broke my heart.

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